Key Integrations

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Tidal Workload Automation

Success Story KMD download

KMD: Simplifies Automation Landscape by Replacing IBM Agent Technology

Stonebranch Innovation Europe 2019. Special Moments and Highlights from the Stedlijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Stonebranch Interview: Michael Zaddach & Detlef Purschke discuss the strategic role of automation within the Munich Airport

Dynamic Automation: Free Up Your Workforce

Success Story ITERGO download

ITERGO: Cuts Costs and Boosts Efficiency by Switching to Universal Agent

cron automation whitepaper header preview card

Cron Automation: Analysis, Optimization and Automation of Cron Executed Scripts

The Need for a ‘Magic Engine’

Hybrid Cloud File Transfers — Seamlessly Integrate Your Cloud File Transfers Into Your Scheduling Workflows

SET SAIL - An Article from The Produktkulturmagazin

Success Story Coop Denmark download

Coop Denmark: Achieving Real-Time Automation Across On-Premises and Cloud Environments

What Exactly is Stonebranch? A Brief Introduction on How we Implement Real-Time, Dynamic IT automation

Set-up a DevOps C:D Toolchain for SAP. Use Case: Weekly Finance Report

Interview with Dr. Detlef Purschke, Former CCO of Stonebranch

SAP Automation and Scheduling — Secure, Reliable Process Automation

Easy Transition with Xpress Conversion Tool for Windows and Cron Configurations

Blue Bird Corp. Success Story download

Blue Bird Corp: Centralizes Operations with Universal Automation Center

Easy Transition with Xpress Conversion Tool for SAP

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