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Stonebranch Your IT Automation Experts for Workload Automation and Job Scheduling

Easily automate, manage and track complex IT processes across the enterprise from a single platform with best in class return on automation.

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Watch our Intro Video and see how Stonebranch can Streamline your IT Business Processes

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Are you Ready to Experience a Return on Automation?

In a complex world, your businesses processes should be simple. Stonebranch helps enterprises scale their processes efficiently and securely. Are you ready to experience a return on automation?

Watch our intro video and see how Stonebranch can streamline your IT business processes, delivering the efficiencies and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of.

Replace or Enhance your Automation Solution

Looking for a smart & easy way to manage and orchestrate your processes and workloads?

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Automation of Docker-based IT Environments

Struggling with the seamless integration of your Docker-based DevOps process and your legacy systems?

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Linux Automation Made Easy!

Stressed out by the limitations of your Crontab scheduling solution? Discover the crontab alternative for Linux.

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Trusted by Leading Companies Hundreds of customers across the globe use Stonebranch to power their business

Why Choose Stonebranch? Stonebranch provides highly secure autonomous IT automation platforms that simplify mission-critical IT business processes

Reduce Costs

Ease of use reduces start-up time and overall adoption of solution.

Stay Compliant

Full Audit trail makes audit worries a thing of the past.

Increase Revenue

Accelerate business processes by reducing latency and increasing Return on Automation.

Improve Efficiency

Superior visualization and notification enables staff to respond faster to issues.

Eliminate Risks

Guaranteed, accurate automation results.

Get a 30 Day Free Trial with the most modern and efficient IT automation solution in the market Easily automate, manage and track complex IT processes across the enterprise from a single platform with Universal Automation Center



On Premise

Simple Download and Installation

Experience Universal Automation Center's ease of installation, deployment and use

Seamless Integration

Extensive customization and integration capabilities for your IT environment and requirements

Enhanced Functionality

Benefit from enhanced functionality such as scheduling SAP, Hadoop and z/OS

Personal Support

Engage with Stonebranch's customer support to receive assistance during the evaluation phase

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Quick Access without Installation

Get immediate access to your Universal Automation Center instance through your web browser

Fast and Secure

Make use of Stonebranch's powerful and secure Universal Controller delivered as a service from the Cloud

Preconfigured Environment

Ready-to-use solution including one Universal Controller and two Universal Agents (Windows and Linux)

Community and Resources

Explore Stonebranch's resources including video tutorials, webinars, online documentation and an active community

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Stonebranch Events

SUGG 2017

October 5-6, 2017 Dresden, Germany

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Universal Agent

The Only Vendor Independent Agent

Use our Universal Agent technology with any marketed or proprietary developed scheduling product.


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Universal Data Mover Gateway

A Quick Lesson About B2B File Transfers

Manage the flow of business critical data between you and your external trading partners easy and secure.

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Cloud-Based Workload Automation

Manage, control and automate the flow of your business critical data and tasks

Start scheduling your business processes via a 100% web-based GUI now.

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Case Study:

ITERGO cuts costs and boosts efficiency

ITERGO needed to find suitable alternatives for the Workload Automation agents in use in connection with the company's existing TWS scheduler in order to save money and increase efficiency.

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Managing Workloads on z/OS

Reduce license costs and operational costs, while enjoying an incredibly easy-to-use solution.


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