Whitepaper & e-book RFP Template for WLA and SOAP Procurement Initiatives

Wondering how to write an RFP? This template helps you ask the right questions to choose the right IT automation vendor for your organization.

Download RFP Template

Workload automation (WLA) tools and service orchestration and automation platforms (SOAPs) are essential to effective modern IT organizations. These platforms can help you automate a wide range of tasks, from batch processing to disaster recovery.

If you’re looking for a new WLA/SOAP provider, this request-for-proposal (RFP) template will help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision. The template includes sections where you can provide your organization's requirements, request specific information about the vendor's capabilities, and identify your evaluation criteria.

Download this RFP to get a jump start on your WLA/SOAP initiative. It provides:

  • A fully customizable outline, complete with placeholders for your executive summary, project details (objectives, scope, evaluation criteria, schedule, etc.), and terms and conditions. 
  • An extensive list of questions to ask potential vendors, including topics such as product features, integration, controls and reporting, services and support, security, implementation, and more.
  • An easy-to-edit file in Word format.