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Universal Agent

Stonebranch provides a truly universal workload automation agent that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, including homegrown solutions as well as those of other third-party vendors.

Vendor Independence

Universal Agent protects your existing automation technology investments, allowing you to pursue a ‘best of breed’ approach for your individual automation needs. Being vendor-independent, Universal Agent can be used by any automation engine or product and is available for all systems or platforms where automation processes need to be executed. Coming from classical batch processing – also referred to as scheduling or workload automation – Universal Agent can execute and control any kind of automation process on any remote system. Simple open-application interfaces allow any automation engine to easily connect to the Universal Agent infrastructure and to execute any process while gaining full control.

Platform Independence

The Universal Agent Technology is available for all standard platforms, from Mainframe to Windows, Unix, Linux and many others. It allows clients to integrate process steps on different platforms into one single technology with no need for cumbersome manual interference.


Whether used for on-premise, public-, private-, or hybrid cloud environments, or any combination thereof, the Universal Agent has proven to be robust and secure, satisfying all the requirements of today's enterprises. Universal Agent provides a secure software platform for every automation need via TCP/IP based TLS 1.2 communication over certificate-based authentication, using encrypted communication data channels using LDAP/AD. Every step of the process is then verified by running several penetration tests.

Integrated Data Supply Chain

Integrated Universal Data Mover component, a sub-component of Universal Agent, allows clients to fully integrate their enterprise-wide data supply chain into this layer of process orchestration. The UDM monitors for key data to arrive, and then transfers that data between different platforms and storage technology using event-driven process triggers. Everything is therefore seamlessly and effortlessly integrated into the business process.

Easy Maintenance and Installation

As a single installation package, Universal Agent provides massively reduced administration and maintenance overhead in comparison to multiple independent solutions. Universal Automation Architecture also offers easy installation and maintenance. Once installed, activating and deactivating available functionalities is as easy as the click of a button.

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Truly Universal and Vendor Independent

Universal Agent makes any job scheduler cross-platform and workload automation enabled, provides a lower cost collaborative scheduling approach, and simplifies your infrastructure with a single automation agent that can perform multiple automation tasks.

Product Architecture

Stonebranch Universal Agent is the sole Universal Agent technology on the market allowing full functional automation for all key operating systems, regardless of the engines being used. By providing full control to the automation engine in use, the Universal Agent extends the reach of any given automation engine onto any kind of distributed system platform for the execution of any process. Deploying Universal Agents alongside the Universal Controller enhances functionality further, establishing the basis for a Dynamic Automation environment based on superior technology and freeing you from the limitations of specific vendors.

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Why Choose Universal Agent?

Reduces Operational Risk

  • Robust, fault-tolerant, modular design.

Reduces Architectural Risk

  • Interchangeability with any scheduler or other automation engine (UNIVERSAL)

OS Agnostic

  • Executes and monitors workload on any OS including Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS or in the cloud.

Managed File Transfer Included

  • No additional agents needed to move data or exchange via secure FTP protocols.

Universal Connectivity

  • Automate SAP, PeopleSoft and a large number of other business and data processing applications.


  • Build your own connectors using the integrated Python runtime.

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