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Gain end-to-end automation across all disconnected cloud environments. Cloud automation provides the ability to centralize the management of your private cloud, public cloud, and multi-cloud environment - all from a single solution designed for real-time, event-based automation. Say goodbye to individual platform or application-specific job schedulers.

As a result of digital transformation, workloads are increasingly moving from traditional to cloud data centers, both private and public. Since this transition process takes place over time, with mission-critical workloads usually staying on-premise as long as possible, companies experience a gap between both worlds when it comes to workload automation or cloud scheduling. With Universal Automation Center, workloads are easily automated and centrally managed across the boundaries of your on-premise and cloud environements. Stonebranch Cloud Service

Automation solution enables you to achieve end-to-end workload automation between your internally and externally hosted resources and cloud services to close this gap. Significant benefits include the ability to transfer data between systems in real-time, dynamic workloads to enable your migration to the cloud, automated self-service cloud provisioning for your stakeholders, cost control through automated shut-off triggers to reduce VM sprawl, and much more.  

What are Typical Use Cases for Cloud Workload Automation?

The following use cases demonstrate examples as to how UAC automates your individual cloud environment. Each use case can be realized with Universal Controller in the cloud or on your premises, depending on your preference.

Hybrid Cloud File Transfer

Let UAC centrally manage file transfers within your premises, private cloud, or public cloud, and make it the glue between both worlds to gain control over your hybrid cloud environment. This allows you to securely transfer files between your local file server, mainframe or SAN, and your AWS S3 or Azure Storage cloud services.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation / Cloud Transition

Utilize UAC to manage resources in the AWS or Azure cloud throughout the entire lifecycle. Automate (remote) server provisioning and configuration completely agent-less (e.g. via API, Boto3 or Azure SDK for Python) and equip servers with the Universal Agent to add them to your workload automation landscape for enhanced automation capabilities via UAC.

Cloud Bursting

UAC can be configured to monitor the utilization of your private cloud and before demand reaches a critical situation new cloud instances are automatically deployed and redirect overflow traffic without an interruption of services. As soon as the IT demand decreases, the additional instances are de-provisioned to reduce costs.

Containerization / Microservices

With the rise of containerization and microservice architectures, applications are stripped down to specific functions for temporary usage. With Universal Automation Center, workflows can be easily created to gather data from different sources, deploy a container with a set of microservices, execute the microservices, safely store the results, and to stop and remove the container.

Master the Challenges of the ”Hybrid Enterprise”

Stonebranch provides the tools for automating any type of cloud-backed environment to enable the efficient transformation and operation of your digital enterprise. Discover UAC for Cloud automation.

Automation as a Service

For even further modernization and optimization of your automation environment, get the full power of UAC as a service from the Stonebranch Cloud. Concentrate on core automation operations while Stonebranch experts provide and maintain the right tool.

Easy to Use

Self-service enabled user interface. Integration Hub access for extensibility. Vast documentation and community access.

Managed Service

We operate and maintain the environment. Always up-to-date software. No business interruptions.

Support and Services

24/7 helpdesk support. Community support and professional services catalogue.

Cost Optimization

Flexible licensing and subscription. Setup and maintenance included. CAPEX to OPEX.

Secure Service

Isolated virtual private cloud environment. Best practice security configuration. Secured access to and from your environment. Sensitive data never leaves your servers.

High Availability

99.5 % service uptime guaranteed. Fault-tolerant architecture. Automated backups & disaster recovery. System and SLA monitoring.

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