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Universal Data Mover

Managed File Transfer Software

Universal Data Mover (UDM) is a unique Managed File Transfer solution that serves as a sub-component of the Universal Agent (UA). UDM helps enterprises to orchestrate their data supply chain as part of their automation and transformation initiatives. UDM monitors data availability, triggers business processes upon data availability, transfers data from any platform, in any format in a secure, reliable and regulatory way.

Support for a Variety of Standard Protocols

Universal Data Mover supports all key standard protocols like FTP, SFTP, FTPS and also proprietary, regulatory compliant UDM protocol. In combination with its UDM Gateway component, it supports great variety of classical B2B protocols.

Fault-Tolerant Transfer Protocol

Data transfers can be setup as peer-to-peer operations, allowing fault tolerant data transport across the network and avoiding failures, manual interventions and restart requirements.

Regulatory Compliant Protocol

The proprietary UDM protocol is based on TCP/IP and is TLS 1.2 secured. This ensures that all regulatory requirements, including compaction, encryption, fault-tolerance and certificate exchange for authentication of sending/receiving parties, are met.

Automated File Monitoring

Allows automated rule-based data detection, identifying internal and external data that is then provided as a trigger for required business process execution.

Enhanced Scripting Capabilities

While standard functionalities are available on a simple command level, the enhanced scripting language allows specific definition and logic for your individual operations.

Secure File Transfers for the Modern Data Center

Integration capabilities with any automation engine, based on standard open API interfaces, makes UDM the most reliable and flexible solution for the data supply chain orchestration, as well as a critical digitization tool for enterprises on all scales.

Product Architecture

Embedded in the Universal Agent architecture, Universal Data Mover can operate as an integral part of the Universal Automation Center solution, or independently as a stand-alone managed file transfer component. Supported by a secure, regulatory compliant and robust peer-to-peer protocol based on TCP/IP and TLS, it provides a reliable architecture for moving data throughout the enterprise independently from the platform or application.

universal data mover product architecture stonebranch

Why Choose Universal Data Mover?

Reduced Cost

  • Provides flexible licensing and implementation models and minimizes installation, implementation and administrative costs.

Investment Protection

  • UDM capabilities can be consumed by any automation engine in use, be it a given scheduler, a monitoring solution or any other technology.


  • Secure peer-to-peer protocol, regulatory compliant, and fulfills requirements relating to statutory data protection and data encryption. Extensive certificate capabilities.

3rd-party transfers

  • Allows the establishment of single management component distribution, management and control of the respective source, and target systems for the actual transfer operation.

Auditability of Operations

  • While any data transfer operation can be controlled by UDM capabilities, the integration into UAC enhances the auditability substantially.

Advanced Resource Optimization

  • 3rd-party transfer operation enables the resources of the involved systems to be limited, simultaneously providing central control of all activities.

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