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Data Pipeline Orchestration

Simplify the management of your data pipeline with a centralized orchestration solution built to keep data moving – so that insights are delivered to the business without error.

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G2 Reviews

"Our experience with Stonebranch UAC has been highly positive"

Customer Panel: Seattle Childrens Hospitals and VIP

Learn how they orchestrate their data pipelines with UAC.

Vermont Information Processing: Data Pipeline Orchestration Gets the VIP Treatment

"I would definitely recommend Stonebranch to anybody out there that is looking for a workload automation tool."

G2 Reviews

"A great tool to orchestrate and automate our processes"

Orchestrate the Flow of Data Across Your Entire Data Pipeline

Data pipeline orchestration, a solution within Universal Automation Center (UAC), helps DataOps teams break down automation silos with centralized control of end-to-end pipelines. Data teams are empowered to create and manage complex hybrid IT workflows, monitor automated IT processes, and move quickly with proactive alerts to keep the pipeline intact and data flowing.

Data Pipeline Orchestration at Scale

Are you ready to put the Ops in DataOps

  • Single platform to connect data, developer, operations, and cloud teams
  • Centrally manage automation across hybrid environments (on-prem and cloud)
  • Event-based triggers for a real-time data flow
  • Monitor your pipeline with dashboards, analytics, and proactive alerts
  • Operationalize DataOps methodologies—with data lifecycle management
  • Simulations to test every step of your data workflow
  • Container-based workload management
  • A visual drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Pre-built data pipeline tool integrations
  • SaaS-based or on-prem deployment options

Connect to and Schedule Automated Jobs Within any Platform or Application - from the Mainframe to the Cloud

There is no need to replace existing data management tools. UAC integrates with and then orchestrates the automation within your existing data toolchain—eliminating the need for custom scripts, clunky open-source schedulers, or managing a myriad of tool-specific in-built job schedulers. 

  • Integrate UAC to any platform or application within your hybrid IT environment
  • Use pre-designed out-of-the-box data pipeline integrations
  • Easily create integrations on your own with templates and rich documentation
  • Download integration blueprints from the community-driven Stonebranch Integration Hub

The Advantages of Stonebranch Big Data Pipeline Orchestration

Real-Time Data Flow

Use modern event-based triggers to power real-time automation of data movement across your entire hybrid IT data pipeline. Remove the need for the traditional time-based automation. Serve internal stakeholders and external customers in the moment.

DataOps Enabled – To Manage the Data Lifecycle

Manage your data pipeline with a DevOps-like approach that supports pipelines-as-code. Use built-in development lifecycle management capabilities (i.e., promotion between Dev/Test/Prod) that include versioning for end-to-end orchestration.

Proactive Monitoring and Observability

Use visual dashboards and drill-down reports to enable real-time guidance, SLA monitoring, and observability of your entire operation. Use proactive alerts to root-cause issues and find solutions faster than ever.

Container Technology Including Kubernetes and Docker

Move data back and forth between containers and schedule big data tools to run in containers. Create, start, stop, remove and monitor containers.

Built-in Managed File Transfer

No need to have separate tools that move source data into the data pipeline. Stonebranch’s proprietary managed file transfer (MFT) is encrypted, compressed and fault tolerant, far exceeding traditional FTP.

Centralized Control

Take control of your entire IT environment from a centralized command center–style platform. Manage the data pipeline across your entire enterprise. Keep it running with visibility into every process or workflow.

Integration Hub

Check out integrations with common data pipeline tools including Hadoop, Snowflake, Informatica, Kubernetes, AWS, Databricks and more. 

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Big Data Pipeline Orchestration

Watch our solution walkthrough to learn how to orchestrate a data flow through a data pipeline with the UAC platform.


Managed File Transfer

Combine powerful MFT capabilities within your big data pipeline orchestration process. Reduce TCO. Automate the entire pipeline.


Success Story Video

VIP Vermont Information Processing Goes Beyond Workload Automation into Data Pipeline Orchestration

VIP, a leading beverage-industry software company centralizes control of their automation to orchestrate data pipelines, empower citizen automators, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Watch this interview with Helen Pampinella, Chief Data Architect and Integrations Architect/Database Engineer for VIP, to learn more about VIP's automation-to-orchestration journey.



How to use DataOps to achieve enterprise-wide visibility, control, and scalability of your data pipelines

Data pipeline management is incredibly complex. It relies on manual processes, custom integrations, and in-built job schedulers, so data becomes more unwieldy as it grows in type and volume. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to use DataOps to achieve enterprise-wide visibility, control, and scalability of your data pipelines, while delivering data to business consumers in real-time.


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Automate Big Data Pipelines: End-to-End Orchestration

Today’s enterprises have a bottomless appetite for analytics and business insights. It’s why investment in big data and IoT projects is skyrocketing. For IT Operations, that means the need to automate big data pipelines across the enterprise has become a top priority. Learn how to centrally manage and orchestrate the automation required to control and maintain the data pipeline for big data with an IT automation platform.

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Beautiful Automation Workflows To Inspire Your Next UAC Project

Complex automation workflows can be a thing of beauty. This is especially true when they span multiple systems in a hybrid IT environment. In this article, we share some particularly cool workflows that will give you a sense of what’s possible with the Universal Automation Center (UAC).  

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Part of a Full-IT Automation Platform

Orchestrating the big data pipeline is a key pillar within the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC). This modern automation platform gives you the ability to manage and control processes in real-time across any on-prem, cloud or hybrid IT environment. Learn more about UAC’s solution modules below.

Universal Controller

Command center-like management, control and monitoring.
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Universal Agent

Execute any kind of automation process on any remote system.
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Universal Data Mover

Automate your data pipeline with secure and reliable managed file transfer.
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Universal Data Mover Gateway

Securely manage platform independent B2B file transfers with third party vendors.
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