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Universal Controller

Service Orchestration and Automation Platform

Universal Controller (UC) is a modern service orchestration and automation platform offering enterprise-class features that help organizations scale from hundreds to millions of automated tasks - daily.

Automating workloads is vital for IT Operations. The Stonebranch Universal Controller (UC) is a feature-rich software product with over twenty years of progressive development. As part of the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC), the Stonebranch UC is your centralized command-center for IT orchestration and automation.

Easily create real-time workflows across any on-prem, cloud, or hybrid IT environment. The UC features browser-based access, self-service enablement for business users, visual drag-and-drop workflow design, and integrations with just about any third-party solution you throw at it. Plus, you have the option to deploy the UC on-premises or via SaaS.

Browser-Based Workflow Orchestration

Create and orchestrate hybrid IT workflows across on-prem and cloud systems, all with your favorite web browser. Enable end-users to easily design, manage, and monitor workloads from anywhere. 

Self-Service Automation

Create citizen automators with Universal Controller's role-based access. Empower DevOps, analysts, and LOB business users with customized role-based user experiences. Free up IT Ops bandwidth, reduce training needs, and increase user adoption of real-time IT automation. Self-Service Automation.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Universal Controller provides powerful reporting features, available right out of the box. Customization capabilities allow administrators and users to add charts, gauges, and reports to their individual, team, or global dashboards.

DevOps Enabled

Workflows can be developed and tested in isolation from production before being deployed. These features include automatic versioning, scheduled deployment, and the capability to back-out changes. DevOps tools are supported with a rich set of integrations and API functions. Developers can create and maintain workload definitions in JSON or XML.


Connect your hybrid IT environment. Take advantage of pre-designed integrations that span on-premises, cloud, and containerized microservices systems. Plus, join a vibrant community of end-users that develop and share integrations, workflows, and scripts on the Stonebranch Integration Hub

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Solution Data Sheet

SaaS-based Workload Automation - Eliminate Infrastructure Requirements and Deploy IT Automation in the Cloud

Stonebranch's SaaS-based workload automation solution is easy to deploy in the cloud. You can quickly enable your organization with the ability to start scheduling automated IT jobs, workloads and business processes. This solution data sheet describes how to eliminate infrastructure requirements and easily upgrade to the latest version as soon as it’s available.


Technical Brief

Universal Controller: Imagining a Different Approach to Automation for Businesses

This simple to use solution has re-invented how enterprises deploy and empower end-users with real-time hybrid IT automation. Download the Universal Controller technical brief to deep-dive into the enterprise-class features. Learn more about graphical workflows, dashboard and report design, role-based security, and much more.


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Part of a Full-IT Automation Platform

This modern automation platform gives you the ability to manage and control processes in real-time across any on-prem, cloud, or hybrid IT environment. The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center and its software components are available to be deployed on-premises or via SaaS.

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