Stonebranch Transition Services

Migration and Implementation Services

Stonebranch is a leading IT orchestration and automation solutions provider. Our conversion and implementation services set the standard for real-time automation on-premises and in the cloud.

By the Numbers: Real-Life Conversion Experience

The Stonebranch Professional Services team has a proven track record and decades of experience supporting organizations in their conversions.

We’ve performed hundreds of these types of projects for small- and large-scale enterprise customers like BP, ING, and Colgate.

1 Million
Tasks Converted*
Approximately 1M customer tasks have been converted to Universal Automation Center

Conversions Completed*
All customers have been successfully converted to UAC

*During the past 24 months

Convert with Confidence

Stonebranch has helped our customers convert from every major job scheduler or workload automation solution on the market. Learn about the differences between Stonebranch and other vendors below. 

IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

Discover a future-proof alternative to your existing IBM IWS/TWS scheduler that simplifies how operational staff define and manage end-to-end business processes.

Learn more

BMC Control-M

Looking for an affordable, modern automation technology? Easy-to-use software dashboards, graphical workflows and reporting help you do more, for less. 

Learn more

Redwood Software

Are you ready for an innovative, centralized automation technology? UAC is an enterprise-grade replacement for Redwood RunMyJobs, Cronacle, Tidal, and ActiveBatch.

Learn more

Tidal Workload Automation

Looking for a product that comes with built-in support? Avoid the lifecycle limitations of your Tidal/Cisco enterprise scheduler and improve visualization of all workload processes.

Learn more

CA AutoSys Edition

Consider replacing Broadcom/CA AutoSys to improve the visualization of your workload processes and take advantage of the most modern automation solution.

Learn more

CA ESP Edition

Are you looking for an alternative to your Broadcom/CA ESP batch job scheduler? Discover our modern, integrated solution with cross-platform control across all IT environments.

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CA 7 Edition

Imagine having a tool that solves your most pressing daily scheduling challenges. We offer superior lifecycle management, intuitive features, and event driven workload processing.

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CA Automic / UC4

Looking for an intuitive, simplified way of orchestrating your daily processes, at a cost-effective price point? Replace CA Automic with Stonebranch UAC now.

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What Makes Stonebranch Different?

Personalized Local Support

Tired of being shuffled between nameless customer service reps? Stonebranch provides localized support globally from a team that knows your business. Some call it white-glove service. We just call it our business model.

75% Automated / 25% Manual Conversion

Our proprietary automated conversion tool speeds up and smooths out the conversion of tasks from your existing provider to UAC. For jobs that require manual intervention, our team of experts help identify and manually migrate non-standard tasks. We put their deep industry knowledge and migration expertise to work for you.

Prove-it Mentality

We’re so confident in our conversion capabilities that we’ll prove it. During your proof-of-concept, we’ll convert part of your data – so you can test the UAC platform with your very own workflows and tasks.  

Limitless Integrations

Converting existing tasks is only one part of your journey. Automate and orchestrate infrastructure and applications beyond the limits of your existing solution. Visit the Stonebranch Integration Hub to see out-of-the-box integrations.

Stonebranch Transition Methodology

Not all IT workload automation providers are created equal. At Stonebranch, we prove exactly that! Stonebranch follows a proprietary seven-step methodology to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Let's be honest. Switching providers has the potential to be a complex and time-consuming process. You can avoid disruption by understanding potential pitfalls, implementing the right methodologies, and working with a seasoned team of conversion experts.

Learn about the challenges and how to avoid them. 

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