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Come to Stonebranch, the leading provider of IT orchestration and automation solutions, to experience our white-glove approach driven by our unique capabilities that set the standard for real-time automation both on-prem and in the cloud.

White Glove Approach to IT Automation

Not all IT workload automation providers are created equal. At Stonebranch, we prove exactly that! We are heavily focused on delivering a platform that helps our customers exceed their digitization goals while also delivering our solutions with integrity and personal service you may have found lacking in other providers.

  • Personalized Approach
  • Scalability for Growth
  • On-Prem and Cloud Expertise
  • Limitless Integrations

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Learn How Stonebranch Compares to Your Existing Workload Automation Solution

IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

Discover a future-proof alternative to your existing IBM IWS/TWS scheduler that simplifies how operational staff define and manage end-to-end business processes.

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BMC Control-M

Looking for an affordable, modern automation technology? Easy-to-use software dashboards, graphical workflows and reporting help you do more, for less. 

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Redwood Software

Are you ready for an innovative, centralized automation technology? UAC is an enterprise-grade replacement for Redwood RunMyJobs, Cronacle, Tidal, and ActiveBatch.

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Tidal Workload Automation

Looking for a product that comes with built-in support? Avoid the lifecycle limitations of your Tidal/Cisco enterprise scheduler and improve visualization of all workload processes.

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CA AutoSys Edition

Consider replacing Broadcom/CA AutoSys to improve the visualization of your workload processes and take advantage of the most modern automation solution.

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CA ESP Edition

Are you looking for an alternative to your Broadcom/CA ESP batch job scheduler? Discover our modern, integrated solution with cross-platform control across all IT environments.

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CA 7 Edition

Imagine having a tool that solves your most pressing daily scheduling challenges. We offer superior lifecycle management, intuitive features, and event driven workload processing.

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CA Automic

Looking for an intuitive, simplified way of orchestrating your daily processes, at a cost-effective price point? Replace CA Automic with Universal Automation Center now.

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The Advantages of Stonebranch's White Glove Approach

Personalized Approach

Tired of being ignored or shuffled around between nameless customer service reps that offer too little too late? Stonebranch is big enough to deliver the powerful and modern IT automation solution you need, but small enough to offer the personalized attention you want. We will know your business. We will listen. We will take action and follow through on all of our commitments. Because you matter. Because once you are a customer, you are a part of a community.

Limitless Integrations

Integrating multiple business systems, DevOps tools, cloud solutions, web applications and big data applications is a must for today’s enterprises. We offer numerous out-of-the box native integrations for the industry-leading SaaS applications, cloud services providers, big data and DevOps tools and more. Easy. Fast. Ready to go NOW.
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Real-Time Service and Support Team

We put real-time in everything–from our workload automation solutions to how fast we answer our phones and how quick it takes to make a customer happy by solving their problem. While our platform is so robust that we rarely hear from most of our customers, we realize that sometimes you just need to talk to a real human immediately. And that’s when we are here for you! If you get stuck or run into an issue, call us! We have specialists answering our tech support phones; you won’t get a call center! Your issue will be addressed right when you need it.  

Expertise in On-Prem or Cloud – Your Choice!

While the cliché has it that everything is moving to the cloud, we understand that many organizations have no immediate plans to ditch their mainframes and distributed environments while still driving overall IT legacy application modernization strategy. And we will be ready to support your on-prem operations for as long as you have them and help you achieve digital transformation goals by connecting you to the cloud. Thanks to our environment-agnostic technology and the unparalleled level of knowledge and technical expertise in both on-prem and cloud, you will be able to get the same outstanding level of support for your on-prem or cloud automation solutions today, tomorrow and always. 

Analyst Report

EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA) Q4:2021. Report Summary and Profile

EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation 2021 identifies the leading WLA platforms and empirically compares and evaluates them against a broad range of measurements. Once again, Stonebranch has been named the Value Leader, highlighted as a top-performing and innovating vendor. Review the details of the UAC, and compare its capabilities to other platforms.


Market Guide

Gartner Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAP)

According to Gartner, workload automation solutions need a reboot to cope with the needs of event-driven business models and cloud infrastructure. I&O leaders must use platforms for service orchestration and automation to drive customer-focused agility as part of their cloud, big data and DevOps initiatives. We believe, this is a must-read market guide for anybody in IT Ops, DevOps or DataOps.

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Data Sheet

Universal Automation Center (UAC) Platform: Real-Time Hybrid IT Automation

A modern real-time IT automation and orchestration platform designed to centrally manage and orchestrate automated jobs, tasks and workflows across hybrid IT environments from on-prem to the cloud. This data sheet describes how the Universal Automation Center (UAC) platform supports your entire hybrid IT environment.


Data Sheet

Eliminate Infrastructure Requirements and Deploy IT Automation in the Cloud

Stonebranch’s SaaS-based WLA solution is easy to deploy in the cloud. You can quickly empower your organization to start scheduling automated IT jobs, workloads and business processes. Learn how to eliminate infrastructure requirements and easily upgrade to the latest version as soon as it’s available.


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