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CA 7 Edition Replacement

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) simplifies the way operational staff define and manage end-to-end business processes to achieve maximum acceleration. You should consider to replace CA 7 Edition with Stonebranch UAC to improve visualization of workload processes and take advantage of the most modern IT orchestration and automation platform.

Many users of CA 7 Edition have recently approached Stonebranch about switching schedulers. With Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC), you can centrally manage and monitor the IT infrastructure, improve visualization of workload processes, and take advantage of the most modern and dynamic future-proof automation solution. Imagine having a tool that would solve your most pressing day-to-day workload automation challenges...imagine a superior, intuitive solution that could bring great business value in a rapidly implemented

and widely deployable automation solution. Imagine robust scheduling and event initiated workload processing, not having to understand "boxes," not having the headaches related to the "status" of the job on the database. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling and workload automation platform that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products, and even homegrown solutions.

Eliminate the Drawbacks of your CA 7 Workload Automation Solution and Achieve Maximum Acceleration

Advanced Product Architecture

UAC has an easy-to-use web interface. No client is needed for installation. Dynamic workload triggers allow you to immediately initiate processing based on file, database, and application activity.

Easy Product Integration

UAC has a central script repository. It even comes with automatic version control, and supports workload lifecycle management as an inbuilt bundling and promotion tool. Move workload definitions seamlessly across various environments in a secure, auditable and controlled manner.

Run Criteria Flexibility

Universal Automation Center allows a multitude of run or skip criteria, from the most simple to very complex. Most criteria can be specified directly in Universal Controller on the workflow level. No additional calendar definitions are required.

Serious Security

With UAC, customers have the ability to allow secured access from other IT entities, as well as at the end user level, by tweaking granular security definitions. UAC also enables you to restrict access via the web interface, the command line (including specific commands), and web services access. Serious security means serious control. 

Real-Time Control and Auditability

Visualize your entire processing flow in real-time and easily craft reports for auditing for any scheduling-related activity. Take advantage of the drill-down functionality to analyze jobs up to the level of system log files. No prior setup of z/OS jobs is necessary to run reports.

Support and Services

Universal Automation Center comes with 24/7 helpdesk support. Additional success measure include community support and a professional services catalogue, as well as tailored product integration services, on-site support, and dedicated technical account managers. We are here for you. 

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“Universal Automation Center had precisely the functionality and capabilities we were looking for in a workload automation solution. The price offered tremendous value and the in-house knowledge at Stonebranch with regards to transitioning from CA Workload Automation was an additional benefit.”

Brian Lemanski, Mainframe Systems Programmer, Lands‘ End

Lands' End smart transition to Universal Automation Center

We provide a proven methodology for the transition of workload management systems, such as CA Workload Automation tools into our 21st century workload automation engine Universal Automation Center (UAC). Our methodology (7 Steps of Transition) has been developed and enhanced over the last decade for successful transitions from any scheduling engine to the Stonebranch UAC.

During a typical transition project, we implement the Universal Automation Center without a shutdown of your running CA scheduling solution. Over the years, the methodology has been optimized for the needs of UAC and has proven very successful, with transitions by more than 250+ clients worldwide, including such well-known and respected companies as QVC, GuideOne Insurance, and Lands‘ End, who are featured in this case study.

The center of all transition approaches is the Stonebranch Transition Engine, a rule-based utility reading the current job database. Based on customer-specific migration rules, it creates new definitions which are used to automatically transform your jobs, tasks and scheduling definitions into Stonebranch UAC.

As part of our initial analysis, we provide a detailed statement of work describing all efforts required for the transition of your existing solution, including resource definitions and scope of the migration, allowing a fact-based go/no-go decision for each unique transition project.

Start this seamless transition now for a smarter and easier way to manage and orchestrate your processes and workloads.

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Transition Roadmap - The Seven Steps

1. Initiate and Setup

Project definition and implementation of the architecture

2. Analyze

Transition and definition of the change process, identification of adoptions

3. Pilot Transition

Transition process implemented, test and approval criteria define

4. Workload Transition

Data transition completed, workload-ready for inspection and testing

5. Validation

All defined and transitioned data inspected and approved, ready for cut-over

6. Cut-over and go-live

The existing solution is replaced, the universal command is live

7. Project Closure

Smooth transition accomplished, successful project closure

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