Whitepaper & e-book Survive Your Workload Automation Conversion

How to switch to a modern workload automation (WLA) solution — also known as a service orchestration and automation platform (SOAP) — without losing sleep.

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WLA can help improve enterprise-wide performance, reduce costs, and increase compliance. Because this kind of automation is foundational to every aspect of today’s organizations, WLA tools are deeply ingrained in the company’s IT infrastructure.

So, how do you address the potential challenges of converting to a modern WLA platform, also known as a SOAP? Is it possible to minimize risk and maximize the benefits inherent in a more modern solution? Simply put, the answer is yes. 

Start your journey to a more modern WLA solution today. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The factors that indicate when the time is right to change providers
  • How WLA conversions work and what the primary challenges are
  • Key strategies to manage and address potential risks during migration
  • Important questions to ask prospective vendors before making a move
  • How to accelerate your transition with automated conversion tools

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