Video & Webcast Big Data Pipeline Orchestration Walkthrough

Watch this solution demo to learn how to orchestrate a data flow through a data pipeline with the Universal Automation Center (UAC) platform.

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This detailed walkthrough illustrates how a DataOps team centrally accesses and automates the data management tools they already own (including Informatica, Snowflake, Azure, Databricks, Tableau, and AWS).

During the demo, you will discover how to:

  1. Build a data pipeline workflow with UAC's workflow designer
  2. Centrally orchestrate each stage of a data pipeline, including data ingestion, data storage, and data delivery
  3. Build the connective tissue between on-prem and cloud applications within a data pipeline
  4. Leverage automated managed file transfer capabilities to move data in real-time
  5. Eliminate the need for custom scripts and point integrations
  6. Gain observability with detailed reports and logs

Demo Length: 16 min

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