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ING Group Empowers End-Users with Self-Service Automation

See how ING puts the right people, processes, and platforms in place to deliver jobs-as-code, onboard new self-service automators at scale, and manage cloud infrastructure orchestration.

ING Group demonstrates how they provide self-service automation to over 500 internal ING groups, representing thousands of end-users across the global business.

For your convenience, we've highlighted key segments from the webinar below. Browse these bite-size bits in a timeline view, or scroll all the way down to watch the webinar in full.

“With the combination of the business services and naming conventions imposed, the team is onboarded and gets its own domain. Thanks to that, all the teams, agents, and objects associated with those teams are fully separated and isolated. This is how we achieve full self-service.”

Patryk Urbańczyk
Principal Product Owner
ING Group

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