Analyst Report Democratizing IT Automation in a Multi-Cloud World: Tools, Teams, Culture, and Best Practices for Automation Success

Workload automation survey data & analysis from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

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Workload automation (WLA) has evolved. This once-commoditized solution is experiencing a renaissance. Enterprises are now using modern WLA platforms to orchestrate a broad range of use cases that support a broad range of stakeholders across on-prem, private cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Inside this report you will find key statistics that illustrate how WLA has changed and where it will continue to evolve. This study itself, developed from a sizable EMA market survey, was designed to look more closely at the organization of work¬load automation teams; how broadly WLA access and information are shared across the organization; and other human factors that help to shape the best practices of those WLA teams achieving greater automation success.

Within the report, learn about:

  • Expanding use cases for workload automation, hybrid IT automation and data pipeline automation
  • The impact that cloud automation has had on evolving WLA
  • New end-users within the business that are tapping into workload automation, and how they’re doing it
  • Best practices in automation team organization, including a look at centralized versus decentralized approaches

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