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SECURA Insurance: Chooses Universal Automation Center for Ease of Use, Improved Visibility and Superior Support

With an outdated job scheduler that resulted in manual work and a lack of visibility into their server environment, SECURA Insurance turned to Stonebranch for help.



For over a century, SECURA Insurance has provided property-casualty insurance for businesses, homes, vehicles, farms, agribusinesses and nonprofits.

Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, and operating in 12 states, SECURA is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best and named as one of Ward’s Top 50 Performers.


SECURA struggled with its legacy job scheduler when trying to integrate it from their open system application servers into a mainframe-based scheduler.

This lack of integration limited visibility into their environment and led to manual restarts every time a process failed. Furthermore, all of this led to challenges in becoming MAR (model audit rule) compliant, a feat the team needed to tackle due to the company’s rapid growth and success.

“Our legacy mainframe-centric scheduler was showing its age, and with newer workflows being implemented outside of the mainframe, flexibility was lacking. Universal Automation Center empowered us to connect workflows across platforms, giving us total visibility and the ability to create actionable workflows and notifications wherever necessary.”

Mainframe Systems Programmer, SECURA Insurance


Ease of use, superior support, enhanced visibility and MAR compliance were all top of mind while SECURA searched for an IT automation solution.

SECURA saw that Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center (UAC) could accomplish all of those things at TechEd, Stonebranch’s yearly customer conference. At TechEd, SECURA spoke to current Stonebranch customers and saw the product at work. Shortly thereafter, SECURA selected Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center solution over ASG-Zeke.

SECURA chose the UAC because it is easy to use, has glowing customer reviews and boasts a best-in-breed 99% customer retention rate.

After the selection process, SECURA wondered what the transition from a legacy environment to a more modern solution would be like; Stonebranch’s implementation team made the process efficient and painless.

“The transition from our legacy scheduler to Universal Automation Center was extremely smooth. The Stonebranch Services team was excellent to work with. The entire process felt like a true partnership,” says Mike Booher, mainframe systems programmer at SECURA. With the implementation completed, SECURA began solving their visibility issues with Stonebranch’s Universal Agents and Universal Automation Center.

Connecting their workflows across environments helped SECURA gain total visibility, as well as the ability to restart broken processes with automation. Furthermore, the newfound connectivity in their environment, coupled with Stonebranch’s robust audit reports, helped them achieve MAR compliance with great ease.

“I would recommend Universal Automation Center to any organization looking for an enterprise-class workload automation tool. The product is solid, flexible, scalable, and their attention to our specific needs extraordinary.”

Mainframe Systems Programmer, SECURA Insurance


With Stonebranch, SECURA has eliminated time and resources spent on manually restarting processes. Newfound visibility into their environment saves them time and energy, while also allowing for scalability to enhance future business operations and add to the bottom line.

“I would recommend Universal Automation Center to any organization looking for an enterprise-class workload automation tool. The product is solid, flexible and scalable, and their attention to our specific needs is extraordinary,” Mr. Booher confirms.

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  • Full visibility into server environment
  • Broken processes repaired via Stonebranch’s automated fail-over
  • Integration from mainframe environment to Windows-based server farm
  • Achieved MAR (model audit rule) compliance