As a collaborative learning organization, our mission is to transfer our IT automation knowledge to you by unlocking your true potential. Learn more about our products and solutions by browsing our data sheets, white papers, analyst reports, videos and more. Discover why Stonebranch has the knowledge and experience to power IT orchestration and automation innovations.

Stonebranch TechEd 2019. Moments and Highlights from the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Header Cloud Tutorial - How to setup your own cloud - wistia video

In the Classroom: Set Up Your Own Cloud for Universal Automation Center

header uac auditing - wistia video

In the Classroom: How to Perform an Audit with the Universal Automation Center

UAC system properties header - wistia video

In the Classroom: Overview of Universal Automation Center System Properties

UAC classroom video - how to use email connections - wistia video

In the Classroom: Email Connections with Universal Automation Center

header file monitor tasks UAC - wistia video

In the Classroom: The File Monitor Task with Universal Automaiton Center

header uac creating tasks - wistia video

In the Classroom: Creating a Task with Universal Automation Center Platform

In the Classroom: UAC Bundles and Promotion Feature, Episode 2

header classroom bundles and promotion feature part 1 - wistia video

In the Classroom: UAC Bundles and Promotion Feature, Episode 1

header uac introducing UAC fundamentals - wistia video

In the Classroom: Introduction to the Fundamentals of the UAC

Enterprise IT Automation for Docker Based Business Processes

The Most Modern and Flexible Dynamic Automation Platform. UAC Overview

Success Story Weis Markets download

Weis Markets: Reduces Job Definitions by 73% with Universal Automation Center

Success Story PSCU download

PSCU: Automates Workflows in Record Time with Universal Automation Center

Lands' End success story download

Lands' End: Replaces CA Legacy Job Scheduler with Universal Automation Center

Enterprise Automation that Transforms Your Business

IT Central Station: Workload Automation Buyers Guide and Reviews. February 2019

Success Story Secura Insurance download

SECURA Insurance: Chooses Universal Automation Center for Ease of Use, Improved Visibility and Superior Support

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