Video & Webcast Orchestrate Complex Data Pipelines with Universal Automation Center

Watch this recorded webinar to see the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) data pipeline orchestration solution in action.

Orchestrate Big Data Pipelines with UAC

Data analytics is one of the fastest-growing areas of automation. The UAC is perfectly tuned to help you orchestrate the automated tasks and jobs required to architect, engineer, and manage complex data pipelines. So, if you’re limiting UAC to simply manage traditional jobs, you’re only using a fraction of the UAC’s power.

Watch this Stonebranch Online webinar recording to see the Stonebranch data pipeline orchestration solution in action and learn how to:

  • Orchestrate complex data pipelines
  • Operationalize and scale automation with workflows that connect IT Ops to data teams and developers
  • Apply DataOps lifecycle methodologies (dev-test-prod) using the no-code UAC interface or data repositories like GitHub
  • Find and use integrations to support the many disparate tools used throughout your data pipelines

Duration: 58:05

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