Analyst Report SAPinsider Benchmark Report: Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Discover how business and technology leaders are navigating their data-management transformations to deliver innovation, improve user experience, and drive competitive advantage.

SAPinsider Benchmark Report: Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud download now

As data continues to increase exponentially in volume, the SAPinsider survey on Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud proposes that enterprise data strategies today are entering a new stage of maturity — one where data management is no longer considered a cost center.

Based on a recent survey of 213 business and IT leaders worldwide, all within the SAPinsider community, this benchmark report outlines how organizations measure the success of their data management and warehousing initiatives. Their responses offer insight into the real-life challenges, strategies, and tactics they’ve managed while trying to squeeze the most value out of their massive data stores.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How other IT leaders are addressing their data management challenges.
  • Common themes in enterprise data strategies, deployment venues and cloud plans, data tools and orchestration solutions, and master data management approaches.
  • Why data orchestration is vital to successful business transformations.
  • How to develop a comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy for data in both SAP and non-SAP solutions, and how to rationalize and consolidate them.
  • How to successfully orchestrate data flows across SAP ECC on-prem and SAP S/4HANA cloud environments.
  • Designing a successful approach to integrating multiple non-SAP data sources without creating silos in the process.

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