Video & Webcast VIP Success Story Video: Vermont Information Processing Goes Beyond WLA into Data Pipeline Orchestration

Learn how the Universal Automation Center helps VIP scale beyond traditional workload automation — into data pipeline orchestration, self-service automation, and more.

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) Shares Their Success Story with Stonebranch

A leading software provider for the beverage industry, Vermont Information Processing (VIP) initially sought an enterprise scheduler to automate their IBM iSeries... they ended up with that and so much more.

After reviewing a number of automation tools, they chose the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) because it allows them to create their own custom integrations throughout their hybrid IT environment. The ability to easily integrate with IBM, AWS, DataStage, and Snowflake means unlimited scalability beyond their initial requirements — they can centrally orchestrate their data pipelines, DevOps processes, and cloud service providers.

Watch this interview with Helen Pampinella, Chief Data Architect and Integrations Architect/Database Engineer for VIP, to learn more about VIP's automation-to-orchestration journey.

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