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Over the course of 11 sessions, industry experts lead a journey through the universe of IT automation, service orchestration, and digital transformation.

Blog: Stonebranch Online 2023 Overview

Stonebranch Online 2023 concluded with a series of insightful sessions covering industry trends, success stories, and product updates. Industry experts provided valuable insights into the future of IT automation and orchestration, while customers shared their experiences using Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) to achieve their business goals.

Learn from Trusted Experts

Stonebranch Online featured a lineup of trusted speakers with extensive experience leading real-world IT automation and orchestration programs. Each expert brrought a unique perspective and valuable insights to help you better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with orchestrating ever-evolving hybrid IT environments

IT Automation and Orchestration Success Stories

Colgate: Cloud-First SaaS Approach to Orchestration

Mangesh Joshi and Anwar Syed discuss Colgate's cloud-first digital transformation — and how a SaaS-based workload automation solution seamlessly supports the company's interim hybrid IT environment.
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Roche: How to Take Full Advantage of SAP with a SOAP

Vithal Zanwar, Product Manager from Roche, and Otto Heer, CEO from IC-Management AG, share their modern approach to service orchestration and automation platforms (SOAP) and discuss the experience of converting to UAC.
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Radiant & Achmea: Accelerate MLOps with Data Pipeline Orchestration

John O’Brien, Principal Advisor and CEO of Radiant Advisors, shares practical examples and best practices to orchestrate complex data pipeline workloads throughout the enterprise. Gerlof Bril, Infrastructure Architect from Achmea, will then showcase Achmea’s data pipeline and machine learning orchestration journey. 
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Coop & VIP: The Many Flavors of Self-Service Automation

Two UAC power-users — Helen Pampinella, Chief Data Architect/Senior Database Engineer from Vermont Information Processing (VIP), and Palle Vesterlund, IT Specialist Infrastructure Operations and Automation from Coop — demonstrate how they enable citizen automators throughout their organizations with self-service automation. 
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Industry Trends and Insights

Opening Keynote: Orchestrate the Universe in 2023

Explore the future of IT automation and orchestration with Stonebranch CEO Giuseppe Damiani, CTO Peter Baljet, Product Director Colin Cocksedge, and Director of Product Strategy Nils Buer. Join this opening kickoff to the entire series, where we’ll reveal some shiny new product enhancements, roadmap strategies, and a whole lot more. 
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EMA: The Move from Automation to Orchestration

Our industry has undoubtedly undergone a significant shift in recent years. Dan Twing, President and COO of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) illustrates some of the most challenging changes and reviews key results from the latest EMA Radar Report
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Heirloom Computing: Mainframe to Cloud Modernization

Gary Crook, CEO of Heirloom Computing, and Ian White, VP Engineering from Heirloom Computing, explore the topic of mainframe modernization — in particular, methods to transform data to ensure compatibility, efficiency, and optimal utilization in the cloud. 
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MFT: 4 Ways to Automate Your Data Transfers

Mike Scher, Senior Sales Engineer from Stonebranch, shares the benefits of managed file transfer (MFT) — a secure and reliable way to transfer files between your internal network, hybrid cloud environment, and B2B external partners.
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Universal Automation Center (UAC) Training and Demonstrations

UAC 7.5: What’s New in the Latest Release

Colin Cocksedge, Director of Product Management from Stonebranch, deep-dives on the latest enhancements to UAC 7.5, including the new telemetry data connector that boosts observability, new security features, and UX updates for self-service automation. 
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Observability: New OpenTelemetry Features in UAC 7.5

Deep dive into UAC's new OpenTelemetry connector with Colin Cocksedge, Director of Product Management, and Mike Scher, Senior Sales Engineer. Learn more about telemetry data and see practical examples of dashboards and reports.
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New Integrations: DBT, Fivetran, Azure Synapse, and More

Nils Buer, Director of Solution Management from Stonebranch, showcases the latest UAC integrations released to the Stonebranch Integration Hub. In addition to those named above, there's also SAP IBP, DataStage (update), SQL OBDC, Databricks, Temenos, SAP HANA XSA, and OpenShift Batch… and maybe even a few extra if time permits.
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Thank You for Joining Us at Stonebranch Online 2023

Stonebranch Online 2023 has been a valuable learning experience for all attendees, and we encourage you to continue exploring the on-demand resources available here. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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