Video & Webcast MFT: 4 Ways to Automate Your Data Transfers

Discover a multitude of ways to transfer data and files, and the pros and cons of each method.

Watch the webinar now! Demonstration | MFT: 4 Ways to Automate Your Data Transfers 

Looking for a way to automate data transfers across your entire IT landscape? Managed file transfer (MFT) can help you do just that. MFT is a secure and reliable way to transfer files between your internal network, your hybrid cloud environment, and your B2B external partners. In this session, Mike Scher will discuss the benefits of MFT and how it can:

  • Automate data transfers in real-time
  • Offer a secure and reliable alternative to ad-hoc FTP, SFTP, and HTTP transfers
  • Safely share data with external partners and vendors
  • Comply with industry regulations