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Know-how, experience, and technology to power workload automation innovations. Engage challenges and accelerate your automation initiative and projects with Stonebranch professional services. Build your own IT automation road map with

our packaged enabled transition program. From analysis & audits, to transition packages & realization, up to prevention & customized solutions. Leverage the expertise of our professionals to ensure the most efficient, effective response to your automation challenges.

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Your IT Automation Vision

Our professional services team delivers a comprehensive set of services in order to plan your IT automation vision. We help you increase the velocity and quality of your decision making process with a set of best practice services including benchmarks, assessments and analyses for multiple automation segments such as SAP Workload, Big Data, Cloud, IT automation maturity, automation security, return on automation and many more.

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Your IT Automation Road Map

Build your own IT automation road map with our packaged enabled transition program. With our seven steps process we can transition any third party legacy scheduler. Stonebranch offers various transition packs to create added value and best in class return on automation. Our deployment model is based on innovative operational excellence and provides 24/7 SPOC, tailored product integration services, on-site support, as well as dedicated technical account managers

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Your IT Automation environment

Our IT automation experts team delivers a comprehensive set of services in order to run your IT automation environment better, faster and more secure. We care about following up your successful conversion by providing a set of preventive and predictive maintenance solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From business application integration to specific integration solutions for legacy or “home grown” technologies.

Transition Roadmap - The Seven Steps

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1. Initiate and Setup

Project definition and implementation of the architecture

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2. Analyze

Transition and definition of the change process, identification of adoptions

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3. Pilot Transition

Transition process implemented, test and approval criteria define

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4. Workload Transition

Data transition completed, workload-ready for inspection and testing

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5. Validation

All defined and transitioned data inspected and approved, ready for cut-over

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6. Cut-over and go-live

The existing solution is replaced, the universal command is live

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7. Project Closure

Smooth transition accomplished, successful project closure

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