Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduler to fully replace your existing workload automation software and job scheduler.

Replace z/OS agent with a Universal Workload Automation Platform Stonebranch Universal Controller Provides a Powerful Orchestration Solution for all Scheduling Needs at a Reasonable Price

z/OS agents are lacking when it comes to updates and feature development.  Don't feel locked into only using a z/OS agent. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling or workload automation platform that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products and even homegrown solutions.

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Universal Agent The only universal job scheduling agent on the market

Don't feel locked into only using the expensive agents from the provider of your job scheduling or workload automation engine. Save money and break free from the stronghold vendors try to leverage at Enterprise License Agreement renewal time.


Implement event driven scheduling

Best-in-class Return on Automation

Implement web-services scheduling

A single scheduling agent for multiple schedulers

Modernize your legacy job scheduler

A single agent for automation tasks

A single point of control

Maximize Your Scheduling Investments Without Adding Risk

"Universal Agent gives us maximum flexibility, not only in terms of current costs, but also with respect to future investment decisions."

Stefan Rix, Group Leader Basic Mainframe and Storage Technologies at ITERGO

The Universal Agent is a unique technology that allow any automation engine to take advantage of an existing agent infrastructure based on the Universal Agent. Connected to TWS, Automic, BMC, CA or anybody else the Universal Agent controls execution of processes and workload on any remote machine.

Universal Agent from Stonebranch helped organizations around the world quickly and intuitively achieve maximum availability and flexibility. Universal Agent is easy to install, recognized for its user friendliness, and offers a unique pricing model and scalability.

Modernizing your job scheduling doesn’t require substantial effort, risk or investment. Implementing a vendor-independent solution to collaborate with your job scheduler is a smart and modern approach to adding new automation capabilities and extending your job scheduling investment.

Universal Agent collaborates with your existing job scheduler(s) on all major computing platforms, both legacy and distributed. All schedulers that run on z/ Series, i/Series, UNIX, Linux, or Windows are supported.

Take a look at the key features

Dashboards, Reporting & Customizations

The pure web interface gives you complete flexibility in defining custom home pages for each user.

Clustering for Fault Tolerance & High Availability

Beyond simplistic high availability, system administrators can set up clusters of two or more nodes.

Integrated Role-Based Security

Access permissions can be assigned at extremely granular levels, down to a specific task or groups of tasks if required.

Business View Alignment

Universal Controller includes a built-in configuration management database (CMDB) that auto-discovers the topology of your enterprise.

Manage Dynamic Workload

Universal Controller provides hooks into operating system performance that allow administrators to load balance.

Powerful Integrations

The Universal Controller is deeply integrated with the operating systems where it runs - z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

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