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Broadcom CA Workload Automation Alternative

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) is an enterprise-grade replacement for Broadcom CA workload automation solutions.

Next Generation of Workload Automation and Orchestration Platforms

It's time to break free from the Broadcom vendor stronghold. The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) enables you to centrally orchestrate your entire hybrid IT environment — from a single, modern, and mature platform. With UAC, empower your team with self-service automation, observability, and drag-and-drop workflow creation. Gain the ability to automate anything from the mainframe to the cloud — from your choice of an on-prem or SaaS-based deployment.

Stonebranch has helped customers convert to the UAC from: 

  • CA Scheduler
  • CA Unicenter
  • AppWorx
  • Dollar Universe
  • and more

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Stonebranch’s SaaS-Based

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ING Group Empowers End-
Users with Self-Service

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Lands' End Replaces CA
Legacy Job Scheduler with
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What Can You Use Instead of Broadcom CA Workload Automation? Advantages of Universal Automation Center

Self-Service Automation

With a focus on ease of use, empower your workforce with self-service portals, access to automation via communication tools like Teams and Slack, or directly from the development IDE of their choice with jobs-as-code.

Centralized Control for Full Hybrid IT Orchestration

Bridge the automation gap between on-premises (mainframe, distributed servers) and cloud (SaaS, cloud service providers) with drag-and-drop workflows that help you orchestrate in real time.  

Same Platform — Cloud-Based SaaS or On-Prem Deployment

Deploy the UAC on-premises or via a SaaS-based model. Unlike Broadcom, which offers different workload automation software for different deployment models, Stonebranch UAC has the same full functionality, integrations, and capabilities regardless of where it's deployed.

Top Ranked by Analysts

Recognized by Gartner, IDC, EMA, and others, Stonebranch UAC is ranked as a top IT automation and orchestration solution among industry analysts.

Reports and Business Intelligence

Access visual dashboards and drill-down reports designed to enable real-time guidance, SLA monitoring, and updates on your entire operation. Root-cause issues and find solutions faster than ever.

Unlimited Integrations

Integrate with any platform or application from the mainframe to the cloud. Use pre-packaged integrations, build your own, or download extensions from the Stonebranch Integration Hub.

*During the a two-year timeframe

Migrate from CA Workload Automation to Universal Automation Center

Start your journey to a more modern WLA solution today. Stonebranch has a proven track record and decades of experience supporting organizations in their conversions. Download this workload automation conversion survival guide to learn:

  • How WLA conversions work and what the primary challenges are
  • Key strategies to manage and address potential risks during migration
  • How to accelerate your transition with automated conversion tools

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Automation Built for Your Modern Enterprise

Finally, a single platform of IT automation solutions that are event-based, respond intelligently to business needs, minimize human oversight, and run on-prem and in the cloud.

Workload Automation

Take an evolutionary leap beyond legacy job schedulers to centrally build, schedule and manage all IT tasks and business processes across your hybrid environment with real-time, event-based triggers.

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Cloud Automation

Master your hybrid IT environment. No longer are separate cloud job schedulers necessary. Centrally manage end-to-end automation across private, public, and multi-cloud landscapes.

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Data Pipeline Orchestration

Centrally create and manage automated workflows that span end-to-end data pipelines. Apply DataOps methodologies, gain observability, and empower end-users with self-service access.

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DevOps Automation

Stronger Together—Developers and IT Ops Teams Unite. Empower both with infrastructure as code, jobs as code and integration of the siloed tools used along with the CI/CD toolchain.


Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Control the real-time flow of your data pipeline between mainframe, distributed network, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Plus, securely manage B2B file transfer with 3rd party vendors.

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Enterprise Job Scheduling

Enterprise job scheduling automates much of the backend work of a typical IT department, allowing for higher quality maintenance and therefore a better performing system.

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