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Improve the Value of your SAP Investments and Reduce Complexity. Achieve end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of complex, mission-critical SAP jobs with Stonebranch’s enterprise-wide and seamless workload automation and job scheduling integration for SAP.

The continually digitalization is forcing companies to rethink their traditional models of SAP operations and adapt new practices to achieve a higher level of process automation. Indeed, SAP automation isn’t easy. Be it financial, logistics, manufacturing, HR or retail – digital disruptions is omnipresent and the need for any business to integrate new processes, involving multiple applications and data sources, cloud applications and processes, or even 3rd-party infrastructures – both SAP and non-SAP – residing on Windows-based or Unix/Linux servers, in the Cloud or on mainframes is the challenge. Furthermore, your SAP automation environment

requires also the need to orchestrate business processes or transfer data securely between the enterprise, data platforms on-premise or remote, or even between business partners. Stonebranch enables your organization to create the fully automated enterprise by achieving end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of these diverse business processes, and improve the value of your SAP investments. Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) provides a certified SAP connector that allows customers to directly define and integrate SAP processes with any other type of processing throughout the enterprise. Simplify your SAP and non-SAP processes now – secure and reliable.

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What are the Key Capabilities of SAP Automation?

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center simplifies the way operational staff, application developers and users define and manage end-to-end SAP based business processes to achieve maximum SAP acceleration.

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Faster Business Processing

With our Web-GUI, users can orchestrate and automate every step of each business process as it runs across SAP and non-SAP systems, resulting in overall faster processing. Optimized parallel execution of SAP ABAP code also accelerates processing and reduces SAP Workload by dynamically controlling of the number of parallel processes executed using virtual resources and by fully leveraging an existing SAP load-balancing cluster.

Real-time Control and Auditability

The Universal Automation Center dashboard helps you visualizing your entire SAP processes and jobs using a fully customizable real-time dashboard. Users can create reports for auditing easily for any scheduling related activity. The drill down functionality allows job analysis up to the level of system log files (for example an SAP job log) even while the ABAP script is executing in SAP. The dashboard is 100% web-based and developed using the latest Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Users can customize the layout to suit their needs

Compliance and Comprehensive Security

Achieve full compliance, security and governance across your processes. Eliminate manual errors and perform transparent and monitored workflows by utilizing the latest security standards. No local access to the SAP system or GUI is required, all SAP job handling is done through the Universal Automation Center Web GUI.

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Reduction of Overall Jobs and Costs

Automating your SAP business processes will enable you to free-up quality time of your SAP and operations team to focus on more valuable tasks. Your IT Operations Team can perform and integrate all relevant workload and related tasks as part of their existing automation processing. This results in a reduction of overall job definitions and costs by offloading SAP job scheduling from your SAP team towards your existing IT operations team. In Addition, you are able to increase error handling by controlling the entire SAP process consisting of SAP and Non-SAP tasks as well as automatically re-act on incidents before they get critical.

Built-in Managed File Transfers

Universal Automation Center comes with a built-in file transfer solution. File transfers can be added like any other task into any SAP workflow. Transfer your sensitive SAP input data between your SAP application server and any platform—even a mainframe—in a secure, fast and reliable way. Proven by many banking and healthcare customers our file transfers solution supports the highest security standards for authentication, encryption and compression.

Easy Integration and Transistion

We are providing two ways of integrating your SAP workloads. Either through our Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT) or via our command line application Universal Connector for SAP our certified solution for the latest SAP Hana and SAP NetWeaver versions including SAP Business Warehouse features, and additional capabilities to manage process chains and info packages.

Critical Differentiators

Universal Automation Center provides the most user friendly and intuitive GUI of the currently available IT automation solutions. Completely customizable to the users’ needs complex automation scenarios can be achieved easily without in depth knowledge.

Improved Control

Increased transparency, control, visibility and auditability of end-to-end SAP processes.

Centralized Management

Central orchestration and automation of your entire workflows including rule-based decisions and actions.

Greater Acceleration

Implement faster processes and better performance for your existing infrastructure.

Increased Transparency

Eliminate manual errors and perform transparent and monitored workflows.

Stay Compliant

Achieve full compliance and security.

Increase Revenue

Optimize costs and save time and resources.

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