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Tired of the limitations of SAP job schedulers? Stonebranch UAC offers powerful and flexible SAP ERP integrations that allow you to automate, monitor, and manage SAP R/3, NetWeaver, and HANA processes with ease.

SAP ERP Integration: Unite Automation Across SAP R/3, NetWeaver, HANA, and Beyond

Management and automation of hybrid IT environments in the SAP HANA era can be a juggling act. On-premises and cloud deployments clash, legacy NetWeaver and modern HANA platforms collide, manual processes drain resources, and visibility remains elusive.

In this article, we’ll review the limitations of legacy SAP job schedulers and explore a solution that streamlines automation across all SAP evolutions.

The Limitations of Legacy SAP Job Schedulers

When it comes to SAP automation, several legacy job scheduler options have been used over the years: SAP SM36/SM37, SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) by Redwood, SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood, and SAP Solution Manager, to name a few. While these tools served their purpose at the time, they often come with limitations that can hinder modern business needs, including:

  • Limited functionality: legacy schedulers often lack advanced scheduling options like dependencies, complex calendars, and event-based triggers.
  • Poor user experience: older tools have clunky interfaces that make it difficult to manage and monitor jobs.
  • Limited scalability: basic job scheduling tools simply aren’t designed to handle large volumes of jobs and complex workflows.
  • Integration issues: some schedulers have a hard time integrating with non-SAP systems and aren’t compatible with the latest HANA implementations.
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UAC Unifies SAP ERP System Automation

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) deeply integrates with all flavors of SAP ERP solutions that have evolved over the last 30 years:

  • Pre-NetWeaver ERPs, like SAP R/3 and mySAP
  • NetWeaver-based ERPs, such as SAP ECC, SAP Business All-in-One, and SAP Business Suite 7
  • HANA-based ERPs and business applications (both on-prem and cloud), including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori mobile apps, and SAP XS Advanced (XSA) engine
Streamline and Integrate Your SAP ERP Scheduling with End-to-End Automated Orchestration

UAC is a robust solution that streamlines real-time process automation across SAP and non-SAP applications. Key features include:

Beyond Cron-Controlled Rigidity: Embrace Flexibility and Precision

Stonebranch UAC liberates you from the confines of rigid Cron schedules in SAP. Leverage event-based triggers, file arrival notifications, email alerts, and even SAP events to initiate jobs with pinpoint accuracy. This newfound flexibility empowers you to automate processes based on real-time conditions, optimizing your workflows and driving efficiency like never before.

Centralized Command Center: A Single Pane for Complete Visibility

Consolidate your job oversight within the UAC interface. No more juggling between dashboards! Monitor your SAP and non-SAP jobs, track their progress, and view output logs from a central location. The UAC OpenTelemetry connector further enhances observability, simplifies management, and empowers you to make informed decisions about your automation strategies.

Seamless Workflow Orchestration: Conducting Complex Processes with Ease

Design and execute intricate workflows that seamlessly weave SAP jobs with other tasks. Run jobs in parallel, transfer data across on-prem and cloud environments, establish dependencies, and easily orchestrate complex processes. UAC acts as the central conductor, ensuring smooth execution and eliminating manual intervention.

Enhanced Security: Safeguard Access with Precise Permissions

UAC lets you leverage LDAP, Active Directory, or SAML authentication for secure access to its interface. In addition, granular role-based permissions help you empower end-users with self-service automation.

Ready to Take Control of Your SAP Automation?

Whether you're migrating to SAP HANA, optimizing your existing SAP environment, or simply seeking to elevate your automation game, Stonebranch UAC provides the comprehensive solution you need.

In addition, two SAP-certified integrations empower you to unlock the full potential of your SAP implementation and drive operational excellence across your organization:

  • Universal Connector for SAP: certified by SAP for the latest versions of SAP HANA and NetWeaver, this integration automates IT and business processes across your entire IT ecosystem.
  • Universal Task for HANA XSA: this SAP-certified integration makes scheduling and managing HANA XSA jobs simple and intuitive. Parameterization allows you to pass data to your HANA XSA jobs with JSON parameters for customized execution.

Don't let your job scheduling hold you back. Embrace the power and flexibility of Stonebranch Universal Automation and take SAP to the next level.

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