Whitepaper & e-book Enhance SAP Job Scheduling with Universal Automation Center

This whitepaper describes how to improve the value of your SAP investments and reduce complexity. Achieve end-to-end visibility, accessibility and manageability of complex, mission-critical SAP background processes.

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SAP has updated its roadmap and strategy to focus on its next-generation, cloud-ready S/4 HANA platform. This change makes many current job scheduling options within the native SAP job scheduler or the SAP Netweaver platform obsolete as some job schedulers near their end of life and lose support, either now or in the near future.

Stonebranch has taken a future-proof approach with Universal Automation Center (UAC), giving you the next-generation power you need to replace or enhance SAP SM36, SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood, SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) by Redwood or SAP Solution Manager, along with many other traditional job scheduling and workload automation tools. 

Read this white paper to learn the key elements of successful SAP job scheduling (and what's coming next):

  • How UAC enhances job scheduling with SAP through additional convenience features while reducing costs and removing scheduling complexities

  • How to power your transition from on-prem to the cloud by centrally managing jobs in a hybrid IT environment and scheduling jobs on both Netweaver or S/4 HANA simultaneously

  • How to schedule, monitor and import your entire  process, including SAP and non-SAP tasks, without external SAP expertise or intervention on the source system

  • How to significantly reduce solution costs by scheduling and operating your SAP system copy process from on-prem or cloud using your existing team and without hiring an SAP expert

  • How to drive down operations efforts by scheduling and monitoring the end-to-end system copy process via a single web GUI

  • How to minimize manual efforts, execution time and errors using predefined automation workflows and tasks, rather than a collection of scripts

  • and much more…


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