Stonebranch SMARTLOOP Enabling BSS/BSCS Configuration and Test Automation in the Cloud.

SMARTLOOP is Stonebranch's in-house framework and toolkit to enable BSS/BSCS configuration and test automation in the cloud. Establish DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) now.


Invest in your company’s success Build, test and deploy complex BSS/BSCS implementation and integration faster.

Build Launch and build new products faster and easier

Telco BSS are highly complex IT platforms. Building and testing new products is timely. Smartloop improves the time-to-market making the launch of new features and products faster, easier and safer



Test Fully automated regression and functional testing

Introducing new products or features risks breaking the existing setup. SMARTLOOP eliminates this risk. Full regression testing is automatically executed every night in Stonebranch's CI environment

Deploy Deploy to production via the same tested interface

Operators still rely on outdated project delivery approaches based solely on man-power and time. SMARTLOOP reduces the cost and risk through extensive automation and enabling cloud-based Continuous Integration for easy deployment and best-in-class automation and operational results.

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