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Professional Telco Services for best in class integrations of your billing systems.

Stonebranch BSS and BSCS Services Professional Services for best-in-class Telco integrations and billing system operations.

Choosing the right BSCS/BSS integrator is as important as choosing the right BSCS/BSS platform. With many years experience delivering BSCS/BSS integration projects for tier-1 and tier-2 operators, we at Stonebranch have learnt that deciding who will implement the selected solution is just as important as choosing the right product.


Take Pleasure in Everything You Do Stonebranch Professional Services Excellence

Stonebranch is able to assist throughout all phases of your integration project from the qualification phase to the requirement analysis, data migration, testing, and project management, all the way to the final hand-over of the platform to the support organization.


Project Management

Project and team management requires the right balance of technical and "soft" skills in order to deal with the complexity of the solution, together with a multi-national team for efficient communication with the customer. We can take the lead of a project and be fully accountable for its success. This includes people management and staffing needs, budgeting and project controlling, change and risk management, establishing uniform intra-team processes and work tools, testing planning and execution, customer interfacing and more.

Solution Analysis

Any complex project should rely on solid technical foundations in order to avoid scope creep discovered late into the project and to facilitate the handover to different organizations. We'll deliver a thoroughly documented study and analysis of activities in order to assess and successfully establish a project.

Software Development

Companies are seeking more and more ad hoc and heavily customized solutions in order to cope with ever more demanding requests from the business community. We can help capture complex requirements, translating them into custom solutions and optimizing them in view of the Customer - taking into account environmental, technical, business and budget constraints.

Why choose Stonebranch BSS/BSCS Professional Services

Stonebranch provides scalable, secure and agile professional services dedicated to your needs that simplify mission-critical Telco operation business processes



Scalable, Effective Techniques

Consistent and Easy Assimilation

Reduced Risk


Reduced Complexity and Time-to-Market

Fully Automated Regression and Functional Testing

Elimination of Error-Prone and Repeating Manual Efforts


Single Point of Contact

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Community Support

Professional Services Catalogue


Flexible, Lean and Cost-effective

Reduces Start-Up Time

Quick & Easy Adoption of Solution


Solid Data Migration Framework (DMF)

Best Practice Configurations

Easy and Secure Conversion

Standardized, Flexible and Proven


99.5% Service Uptime Guaranteed

Fault-Tolerant Architecture

Automated Backups & Disaster Recovery

System and SLA monitoring

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