Data Sheet & Tech Brief Mainframe Modernization: Convert Mainframe-Centric Schedulers to a Modern Service Orchestration and Automation Platform

This technical brief describes how to migrate your mainframe-centric, legacy schedulers to a modern platform like the Universal Automation Center (UAC) — while also migrating your mainframe to server and cloud systems.

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Enterprises who seek to migrate their mainframe environment to an emulation-based framework often find their legacy job scheduling or workload automation tools cannot work in the new modern environment. The right automation platform should integrate migrated mainframe applications with modern technology, such as reusable components, microservices, SaaS applications, and containers, so you can orchestrate automated workflows that span your entire hybrid IT environment.

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) is a modern service orchestration and automation platform that achieves these goals and more. This technical brief demonstrates how to use the Stonebranch XCT (Xpress Conversion Tool) to migrate mainframe-centric job scheduling software to UAC while simultaneously migrating your existing business applications from legacy mainframe systems to server systems.

Get the answers to your mainframe migration and automation questions:

  • Why is it necessary to move to a modern automation platform?
  • What does the conversion process look like?
  • How do workflow and task definitions transfer from the legacy scheduler to the modern platform?
  • What are the additional automation capabilities gained in the migration?