Video & Webcast Heirloom Computing: Mainframe to Cloud Modernization

Join a panel discussion with experts from Heirloom Computing and Stonebranch to uncover effective strategies for mainframe-to-cloud modernization initiatives.

Watch now! Partner Focus | Heirloom: Mainframe to Cloud Modernization

Moving from the mainframe to the cloud? Whether re-platforming, refactoring, or rearchitecting your legacy applications, there are many factors to consider. Join our special guests from Heirloom Computing — CEO/Founder, Gary Crook and Engineering VP, Ian White — as they discuss the best-in-class strategies they apply to their customers’ mainframe modernization projects. Stonebranch VP of Global Pre-Sales, Bob Lemieux, and Stonebranch Solution Engineer, Huseyin Gomleksizoglu will also join to show how a modern service orchestration and automation platform (SOAP) helps keep your operations running smoothly during the migration and beyond. In this session, you’ll see:

  • What mainframe modernization is and why it’s important
  • Heirloom’s mainframe modernization solution and partnership with Stonebranch
  • Methods to transform data to ensure compatibility, efficiency, and optimal utilization in the cloud
  • How to automate the conversion of existing mainframe schedules with emulated runtime environments
  • The importance of transforming legacy time-based batch jobs into real-time event-driven automation
  • The role of a modern SOAP in keeping operations running smoothly during migration and beyond