Case Study GuideOne Automates Disparate Job Scheduling Environment

Independent scheduling agents solution integrates leading insurer's mainframe and distributed environments, saving time, money and resources.

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GuideOne Insurance, the leading insurer of churches, churchgoers and other faith-based institutions, uses ESP scheduler on its mainframe. Additionally, a few ESP agents are being used to manage their distributed platforms to help tie their processes back to the mainframe. When their initial purchase of ESP agents had been deployed, the process began to acquire more agents from the original vendor. Unfortunately, these agents had become very expensive. In fact, so expensive that GuideOne could not justify additional purchases. However, the goal was still to automate all production processes in a cost-effective way.


  • Centralized monitoring to improve integrity of processing
  • Cost-savings of $32,000 in first year of implementation
  • Better communication between IT departments

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