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Workload Automation

Workload Automation (WLA) software orchestrates cross-platform processes and jobs from a centralized view with real-time scheduling that intelligently adjusts to your business needs.

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G2 Reviews

"Our experience with Stonebranch UAC has been highly positive"

Gartner Peer Insights ™ Review

“Ease of use and stellar support define Stonebranch” 

G2 Reviews

“Our go-to enterprise scheduler for over 9 years”

Gartner Peer Insights ™ Review

"Best Decision Ever Made"

G2 Reviews

"One of the best workload automation tools in market"

ING Group

Success Story: How ING Empowers End-Users with Self-Service Automation

"UAC helps ING deliver fast, one-click access to IT automation to ING end users."

G2 Reviews

"A great tool to orchestrate and automate our processes"

AXA Insurance – Switzerland

"With Stonebranch, we were able to migrate all of our applications to the cloud quickly and efficiently."

SaaS-based Workload Automation Across On-prem, Cloud or Hybrid Environments

The Stonebranch Workload Automation solution helps organizations automate, manage, and orchestrate their IT processes. You can holistically control workflows across multiple platforms and business applications regardless of where the data resides. This is all done from a single SaaS or on-prem based platform, providing control across your entire IT environment.

As an evolution from traditional job scheduling, workload automation supports real-time business automation. This modern approach uses event-based automation that is both intelligent and intuitive. Gone are the days of batch jobs and daily plans. This is IT automation in real-time.

IT Automation for What’s Next

A solution designed for what you require today, and for what you’ll need tomorrow.

  • Intelligent event-based scheduling
  • Hybrid cloud automation to manage your entire IT infrastructure
  • Self-service automation for citizen automators
  • Data pipeline orchestration at scale
  • DevOps ready – deliver jobs-as-code
  • Container-based workload automation and management
  • Automated infrastructure deployment
  • Native Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • SaaS-based or on-prem deployment options

Watch this 2-Minute Demo of Stonebranch's IT Automation Platform in Action.

The Advantages of Stonebranch Workload Automation


Centralized Control

Take control of your entire IT environment from a centralized command center-style platform. Manage the workload of your entire enterprise. Make changes with one click. Stress-free system restoration with no disruption.

Always-On Availability

For organizations that require workload automation for around the clock IT operations. A modern event-based approach removes the need for the traditional daily plan batch jobs. Serve internal stakeholders and external customers in real-time, without a needless pause in your operation.

Limitless Integrations

Integrate to any platform or application from the mainframe to the cloud. Use pre-packaged integrations, build your own, or download integration blueprints from the community-driven opensource Stonebranch Integration Hub.

Easy Installation and Simple Upgrades

Install or upgrade your systems with minimal effort. Lean and mean technology; “do it yourself” capability. Self-service enabled user interface.

Low-Code User Experience

You don’t have to be a developer to create automation. Custom scripting is a thing of the past. Easily create workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Observability and Business Intelligence

Access visual dashboards and drill-down reports designed to enable real-time guidance, SLA monitoring and updates on your entire operation. Use observability data to root-cause issues and find solutions faster than ever.

Customer Success Stories

Innovation and ideation reside in this growing list of success stories. Learn how other companies have done it right.

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Integration Hub

Whether you want to share, borrow, or customize your workflows, tasks & integrations, you’ll have the options needed to continue growing your investment.

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Transition / Migration Services

Want to convert from another workload automation vendor? We’ve got you covered. Discover how to do it utilizing our professional services.

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EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA) & Orchestration Q4:2023

Analyst Report

EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA) & Orchestration Q4:2023. Report Summary and Profile

EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation 2023 identifies the leading WLA platforms and empirically compares and evaluates them against a broad range of measurements. Once again, Stonebranch has been named the Value Leader, highlighted as a top-performing and innovating vendor. Review the details of the UAC, and compare its capabilities to other platforms.


Blog Post

What is Workload Automation (WLA)—and How is it Changing?

Read this blog post and learn why workload automation is the best practice for using software to schedule and manage tasks related to business processes and transactions.

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What to Look for in a Hybrid IT Automation Platform 

Achieve Seamless and Centralized Hybrid IT Automation with a Platform Approach. Discover the Key Features to Help Build your Business Case. Learn why your IT Ops team needs an automation platform today by downloading the complimentary whitepaper "6 Reasons Why IT Ops  Need an Automation Platform - Hint: It's all about Cloud".


Data Sheet

Eliminate Infrastructure Requirements and Deploy IT Automation in the Cloud

Stonebranch’s SaaS-based WLA solution is easy to deploy in the cloud. You can quickly empower your organization to start scheduling automated IT jobs, workloads and business processes. Learn how to eliminate infrastructure requirements and easily upgrade to the latest version as soon as it’s available.


Part of a Full-IT Automation Platform

Automating workloads is key for IT Operations. The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) goes beyond traditional batch jobs. This modern automation platform gives you the ability to manage and control processes in real-time across any on-prem, cloud or hybrid IT environment. Learn more about UAC’s additional solution modules below.

Universal Controller

Command center-like management, control and monitoring.   
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Universal Agent

Execute any kind of automation process on any remote system. 
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Universal Data Mover

Automate your data pipeline with secure and reliable managed file transfer. 
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Universal Data Mover Gateway

Securely manage platform independent B2B file transfers with third party vendors. 
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