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Big Data and Hadoop Automation Software

Easy integration of big data processes and workflows, reliable and secure. Increase the value of your big data investment and enter the world of automation, for end-to-end visibility and maximum performance of big data and Hadoop landscapes . Get the most out of your environments by utilizing Universal Automation Center (UAC).

Easy Integration and Transition

Stonebranch solutions facilitate the integration of big data workflows, big data batch processing and big data job scheduling and technologies, such as Hadoop and others with ease-of-use APIs and out-of-the-box integration.

Real-time Control and Auditability

Orchestrate your jobs and workflows from a single-point-of-control and ensure automatically the right people and systems with the right data at the right time. The Universal Automation Center dashboard helps you visualizing your entire big data processes and jobs using a fully customizable real-time dashboard. Users can create reports for auditing easily for any scheduling related activity. The dashboard is 100% web-based and developed using the latest Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Users can customize the layout to suit their needs.

Powerful Integrations

Stonebranch solutions for big data provide the ability to automate and orchestrate Hadoop environments through a simple and standardized integration and support all relevant Hadoop projects, such as Pig, Sqoop, Map Reduce, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and YARN.

Faster Business Processing

With our Self-service enabled web interface, users can orchestrate and automate every step of each business process as it runs across your environment, resulting in overall faster processing.

Protect Your Big Data Investments

UAC provides the most user friendly and intuitive GUI of the currently available IT automation solutions. Completely customizable to the users’ needs complex automation scenarios can be achieved easily without in depth knowledge. Start orchestrating and automating your jobs and workflows from a single-point-of-control.

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The pure web interface provides a real-time dashboard to monitor activities and workflows easily. Includes extensive reporting via our integrated reporting engine and enhanced forecasting capabilities.

Built-in Managed
File Transfers

File transfers can be added like any other task into any existing workflow, from any-to-any platform, for reliable, fast and secure transfers. Operates independently with any existing scheduling landscape. Supports highest security standards, proven by security experts, and leading banking and healthcare customers.


Stonebranch enables customer initiatives for DevOps and DevOps automation by supporting Workload Automation as a Code (WLA as Code) based on a modern streamlined code base and product infrastructure.


Create, manage and automate business processes to the highest degree. Eliminate manual errors and perform transparent and monitored workflows. Centrally orchestrate and automate your entire workflow including rule-based decisions and actions.

Future-proof and
Easy to Use

Get prepared for the future. Easily achieve big data batch processing and Hadoop application automation through a single pane of glass solution. Self-service enabled user interface. Marketplace access for extensibility. Vast documentation and community access.

Business Application

Stonebranch big data solutions facilitate the easy integration of Hadoop, Informatica, SAP Business Objects and other big data technologies. Furthermore, all relevant Hadoop projects, such as Pig, Sqoop, Map Reduce, HDFS and YARN are supported with ease-of-use APIs and out-of-the-box integration.

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Why Choose Big Data and Hadoop Automation?

Automation Simplified

Manage Big Data batch processing with a single and ease-to-use solution. Complete control, visibility and auditability of end-to-end data processes.

Future-proof Automation

Automate data and application processing to increase operational quality. Modular platform to easily adapt to future technologies.

Fewer Manual Errors

Eliminate over 90% of manual errors by automating repetitive tasks. Create and monitor jobs and business workflows across enterprise big data applications and technologies.

Simple and Efficient

Manage workloads more effectively and streamline processes in order to deliver more, faster and cheaper. Simple integration of Hadoop, Informatica, SAP Business Objects and other big data technologies.


Ensure compliance with a centralized audit trail of your processes, errors and remediation utilizing fully customizable real-time dashboards.

360-Degree Visibility

Complete visibility of enterprise workloads and processing using active service level management.

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