Blog Post The Stonebranch Top 10: Most Popular IT Automation Blogs, White Papers, Videos, Success Stories and More from 2020

IT automation changes fast: WLA evolves into SOAP. Everything-as-code transforms DevOps. The scope of hybrid IT continues to expand. Stonebranch is committed to providing educational resources that help I&O leaders keep up with a dizzying pace of change.

Header IT Automation: Most Popular Research - TOP 10 - 2020

Looking back at our most popular resources from 2020, there’s one theme that unifies the blog posts, videos, white papers and success stories listed below: change for the better. Each of these resources focuses on how enterprises and their I&O leaders can harness IT automation tools for better outcomes and stronger return on investment. In other words, it’s not about us—it’s all about you and what you and your organizations need to meet today’s challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

1. Top Blog Post: Workload Automation VS Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms—and Why it Matters

Workload automation is evolving into the service orchestration and automation platform, or SOAP. This blog post details the six most important ways SOAPs differ from the traditional WLA solution, with a special focus on how SOAPs deliver a better value proposition and enhanced ROI.

2. Top Datasheet: Universal Automation Center (UAC) Platform: Real-Time Hybrid IT Automation

Today’s hybrid IT environments are ever-expanding, from on-prem to cloud to containerized microservices. In this popular datasheet, learn how Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center can support your organization’s entire hybrid IT environment by running automation in real-time, responding intelligently to business needs and integrating with almost any application or platform.

3. Top Whitepaper: Top 11 Ways to Prepare for the Switch to a New Workload Automation Solution

Our top blog post and datasheet, above, make the case for expecting more from your IT automation technology. But making the switch to a modern automation and orchestration platform can be daunting. This popular whitepaper covers the right way to work with your software vendor to prepare, plan and deploy your new solution for optimal results.

4. Top Success Story: How Expedia Group Uses Automation to Drive Digital Business

This is our most-downloaded success story of 2020 because it tells a story that resonates for most organizations today: how Expedia Group modernized its automation platform to support the innovative work being done by the company’s developers and other business end users. Learn how Expedia Group IT Ops automated the DevOps lifecycle and dramatically reduced the costs of supporting its internal user base.

5. Top Video: Jobs-As-Code Demonstration: Managing UAC Definitions in an External Git Repository

Our top video covers an increasingly important priority for many organizations: empowering DevOps teams through automation. This detailed webinar walkthrough shows how Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center supports a jobs-as-code model that seamlessly integrates automation into the native solutions that your DevOps team uses every day. That means no new tools for your team to integrate into their tech stack.

Other Top Resources

6. Blog Post: Five Key Solutions within the Universal Automation Center Platform

Although this blog post focuses on Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center, it’s really for anyone who wants to know what they should demand from an IT automation solution. As workload automation evolves into service orchestration and automation, Stonebranch is leading the way in helping enterprises orchestrate and automate more of their business than ever.

7. Blog Post: What is a Service Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAP): Six Key Components

This blog post is a must-read for I&O leaders wanting a concise, clearly stated introduction to an important new category, which Gartner introduced in April 2020. The best SOAPs drive customer-focused agility as part of their cloud, big data and DevOps initiatives. SOAPs do it by interpreting and executing sequences built across and between on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments.

8. Video Success Story: Coop Denmark: Retailer Enabling Real-Time Hybrid IT Automation

In this short video success story, learn how Stonebranch Universal Automation Center helped one of Europe’s leading retailers quickly and efficiently develop and deploy a new in-store mobile ecommerce shopping app. Coop Denmark needed an event-based solution that delivers real-time automation, and Stonebranch delivered.

9. Blog Post: What is Traditional Job Scheduling? And How did Enterprise Job Scheduling Evolve?

To truly understand the power of enterprise job scheduling, it helps to understand how it evolved from manual execution of jobs and basic job scheduling. Learn how enterprise job scheduling came to coordinate IT workflows and IT jobs across platforms and environments, orchestrating previously siloed systems into one harmonious force.

10. Blog Post: Cloud Orchestration and Automation Explained

What is cloud orchestration, and what are the benefits from adopting it? This blog post answers that question, which is crucial to I&O leaders at enterprises of all kinds. This post also provides three detailed use cases of cloud orchestration with workload automation.

We hope you’ve learned from our top resources from 2020. We’ll keep at it in 2021, which we’re sure will offer just as many opportunities for growth and improvement as we saw in 2020.

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