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While IT orchestration and automation is our bread and butter, we understand that it is a complex and multifaceted topic that sparks conversation and inquiry. Our blog is our way of trying to address some of those questions, and build as diverse a knowledge base as possible for the Stonebranch community.

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Bringing RPA and WLA Together

Bringing RPA and WLA Together

Read this blog post to learn how Workload Automation (WLA) makes use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to perform repetitive processes, freeing up resources for more complex tasks.

Most Digital Transformations Fail. What does it take to succeed?

Most Digital Transformations Fail. How to Succeed?

Discover how a modern service orchestration and automation platform (SOAP) can be a core enabler for your digital transformation.

What is a DataOps Orchestration Solution? header blog image

What is a DataOps Orchestration Solution?

Learn how DataOps orchestration empowers data teams to manage complex data pipelines.

Blog Infrastructure Orchestration Across Hybrid Environments

Infrastructure Orchestration Across a Hybrid Environment

Learn how to dominate the management of your hybrid infrastructure to orchestrate everything between multi-cloud and legacy on-premises environments.

Blog Digital Platform Conductor Tools: Bring Order to Your Infrastructure Chaos

Digital Platform Conductor Tools: Bring Order to Your Infrastructure Chaos

Learn about Gartner's Digital Platform Conductor tools category, including how it differs from hybrid digital infrastructure management tools.

Blog How to Deliver Automation as a Service to Your Stakeholders

How to Deliver Automation as a Service to Your Stakeholders

For Automation Architects who want to make automation-as-a-service (AaaS) available to the various DevOps, DataOps and business users within the business.

Interoperability in Healthcare: Data Pipeline Automation to Achieve FHIR Standards

Interoperability in Healthcare: Data Pipeline Automation to Achieve FHIR Standards

Learn how to achieve interoperability in healthcare within in a Hybrid IT environment with data pipeline automation for your FHIR server.

Cloud Automation Tools for Hybrid IT Environments Blog Post Header

Cloud Automation Tools for Hybrid IT Environments

Learn which cloud automation tools help to bridge the gap across between on-premises and cloud systems within a hybrid IT ecosystem.

Why Universal Integration Platform 2.0 is a Big Deal Header Image Blog

Why Universal Integration Platform V2.0 is a Big Deal

Create automation platform integrations fast and with ease using the Stonebranch Universal Integration Platform V2.0.

How to solve the Multi-Cloud Data Transfer Challenge Blog Header

Multi-Cloud Data Transfer: How to Solve the Challenge

In a multi-cloud environment, applications and databases run in different cloud service providers. Maintaining an efficient, secure flow of data can be challenging. Learn how to replace clunky legacy approaches to solving this ever-increasing problem.

5 Stages of the DevOps Journey: A Roadmap for Advancing to the Next Level Header Blog

5 Stages of the DevOps Journey: A Roadmap for Advancing to the Next Level

DevOps has gone through a significant transformation in the last ten years. At the organizational level, there’s a new urgency around elevating DevOps maturity. Find out where your company stands and how to get to the next stage with this visual guide.

Header Image Beautiful Workflows Built in UAC: Get Inspired for Your Next Automation Project

Beautiful Automation Workflows To Inspire Your Next UAC Project

Explore the art of the possible with these automation workflows built within the Universal Automation Center's drag-and-drop workflow engine. See real workflows designed to solve some of our customer's biggest automation challenges.

EMA Report Breaking Down the new WLA research Blog header dark blue

Breaking Down the New Workload Automation Research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Learn about the key facts of the latest report from EMA - Democratizing IT Automation in a Multi-Cloud World - Tools, Teams, Culture, and Best Practices for Automation Success - Get insights on the latest trends in the WLA and digitalization space.

top trends impacting I&O teams in 2021

7 Top Trends in Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) in 2021

Learn about 2021's top trends in Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) - including trends related to IT automation, orchestration of cloud services and empowering business users with self-service processes.

On Prem to Cloud with Kubernetes

Bridge the On-Premises to Cloud Data Pipeline Gap Using Kubernetes

Learn how enterprises automate complex data pipelines, using Kubernetes to connect containerized applications in the cloud to on-premises platforms and applications.

What Stonebranch Customers are Saying About WLA and the Move to the Cloud

A Customer Point of View: Workload Automation and the Cloud

Learn what Stonebranch customers are saying about workload automation and the move to the cloud. Discover how SaaS-based WLA supports the orchestration across on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

DevOps orchestration strategies that scale. How to Produces the Speed and Consistency Today’s Enterprises Need Header green background

DevOps Orchestration Strategies to Achieve True Scale

Learn why leading enterprises are turning to service orchestration and automation platforms (SOAP) to help centrally orchestrate the automation necessary to use DevOps across the entire business.

IT Automation: Most Popular Research - TOP 10 - 2020

The Stonebranch Top 10: Most Popular IT Automation Blogs, White Papers, Videos, Success Stories and More from 2020

IT automation changes fast: WLA evolves into SOAP. Everything-as-code transforms DevOps. The scope of hybrid IT continues to expand. Stonebranch is committed to providing educational resources that help I&O leaders keep up with a dizzying pace of change.

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