Blog Post Enterprise Workload Automation That Transforms Your Business

How to achieve end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of business processes by integrating SAP with enterprise workload automation solutions.

Enterprise Workload Automation That Transforms Your Business

Editor’s Note: Given the continued evolution of IT automation, we thought it timely to refresh our 2017 point of view on enterprise workload automation.

In a previous article, we touched on the rising cost of IT in modern business and the reason why enterprise workload automation — the way Stonebranch manages it — can help ease loads and budgets on overstretched IT departments.

The article was broad; it explored a macro view of the role of IT in business and how troubleshooting, management, and the implementation process all drain the time and resources of businesses. 

Here’s the bottom line: no matter what business you are in, if you’re managing workloads and you’re in a state of continuous deployment, then you are wasting time. You’re spending too much time and money on managing backlogs and queues and not enough on adding value.

This realization got me thinking about whether I had any specific examples I could point to. We have a lot of use cases at Stonebranch, but I thought a little about what the perfect use case might be. 

I wondered — which use case illustrates the point best? Where, in business, do you find time being overspent on something best left to the automation gods?

I thought about the complexity of SAP.

And then I started laughing.

Enterprise Workload Automation and SAP

SAP is the perfect use case that illustrates what I am talking about, and it’s one we have helped solve many times before.

If you remember from the other article, the biggest challenge for small- to enterprise-size IT shops is managing complexity. In an exclusively SAP environment, that complexity is even more challenging. It takes a lot of time to manage; there’s no way around it. An SAP environment is an intricate web of architecture that requires a lot of expertise.

Go Beyond Traditional SAP Job Scheduling

Reduce the Total Cost and Complexity of SAP Ownership 

How many SAP experts and specialists do you have on your team? That expertise doesn’t come cheap — and it becomes far more expensive when your experts are stretched thin working on tasks that could be easily automated.

The point is this: companies around the world have bought SAP to manage their financial, manufacturing, HR, and other business processes without considering the support they will need to keep their operational necessities running smoothly. Think about what it takes to implement the tool, manage it properly, and then innovate on top of all that; it’s a high-maintenance endeavor. 

These processes often involve multiple applications and data sources — both SAP and non-SAP — residing on Windows-based or Unix/Linux servers, in the cloud, or even on mainframes. Often, data needs to be transferred securely between enterprise headquarters and remote locations or business partners.

Achieving end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of these diverse business processes requires integrating SAP with enterprise workload automation solutions — which is where Stonebranch comes in. 

The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) provides an SAP-certified Universal Connector for SAP that allows customers to directly define and integrate SAP processes with any other type of processing throughout the enterprise.

It solves the first two problems of time and money, simultaneously reducing the complexity of that SAP environment. 

Your Modern and Efficient Enterprise Automation Solution

Stonebranch UAC simplifies the way data center personnel, application developers, and users define and manage end-to-end SAP-based processes. Users can orchestrate and automate every step of their business processes as they run across SAP and non-SAP systems — resulting in faster processing overall.

Our customers have achieved this time and again; they’ve gotten back to solving their business concerns, confident in knowing that Stonebranch has solved their IT problems.

Don’t become a business that constantly wades through one IT problem after another. The hours spent tinkering stack up quickly — and what’s more, they’re totally unnecessary in the 21st century. 

We at Stonebranch are the IT automation experts, ready and at your disposal to become a real long-term partner.

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