What is workload automation and job scheduling?

Solve Your Workload Automation Problems with Stonebranch Ensure Your Jobs to Conclude On Time – Automated and Centralized

Support your multiple business applications and workflows with Stonebranch workload automation software and tools. See how easy it is to automate your entire systems containing heterogeneous server environments and disparate job schedulers.

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Why Using Workload Automation for My Business?

You maybe ask yourself, why you should use Stonebranch Workload Automation (WLA) for your enterprise and how it can benefit you? Well, that's easy to answer: Stonebranch WLA software orchestrates and automates business processes and tasks from a single point of control. With our Workload Automation tools, you can automate a wide range of background processes, business applications and even workflows containing cross-system dependencies and third-party vendors. This helps to streamline your IT environment while you can stay concentrated on the things that really matter.

The advantage of Workload Automation

The Advantages

  • Reduce costs
  • React to changing market conditions and internal company requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Increase productivity and service quality

IT Administration

  • Act fast and efficiently to mission critical system disturbances and faults
  • No need for labour-intensive manual changes in the system
  • Centralize control of all tasks and business processes
  • Restore after system breakdowns immediately 

So, what is Your Workload Automation Problem?

Cloud Automation

Stonebranch provides the tools for automating any type of cloud-backed environment to enable the efficient transformation and operation of your digital.

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Replace and Enhance

Stonebranch Solutions simplify the automation of your IT and business processes in an easy, flexible and innovative way and help your organization to reduce costs, improve efficiency, eliminate risks and stay compliant.

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SAP Automation

With Libelle LSC and Stonebranch UAC you can easily simplify your SAP system copy processes, reduce costs, and increase data and application quality.

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Universal Controller

Universal Controller applies emerging technology to the challenges of today's automation to seamlessly reduce complexity, minimizing errors and vastly improve your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data and workflows.

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