Whitepaper & e-book 6 Reasons Why IT Ops Teams Need an Automation Platform - Hint: It's all about Cloud

Achieve Seamless and Centralized Hybrid IT Automation with a Platform Approach. Discover the Key Features to Help Build your Business Case.

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As enterprises continue to shift to the cloud, they create hybrid IT environments that are complex and difficult to manage with legacy IT automation tools.

To scale the management of automation and orchestrate the flow of data, IT Ops teams have turned to platforms that are capable of automating IT processes and workflows across on-prem, private, and public cloud systems. This centralized approach helps IT Ops teams:

  1. Gain control of all automated processes from a single platform, bypassing their dependency on disparate native job schedulers.
  2. Orchestrate advanced workflows such as updating applications en masse or spinning up cloud infrastructure.
  3. Empower end-users to run automation without the help of IT.

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