Success Story Achmea Success Story - Powering Hybrid IT with Workload Automation

With Universal Automation Center, the largest Dutch insurer consolidates multiple scheduling and file-transfer platforms, setting the stage for its integration-platform-as-a-service journey.

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Founded in 1811, Achmea is the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands and the world’s eighth-largest cooperative insurer. Investing for the future drives the Achmea IT team responsible for orchestration, automation, and IT infrastructure architecture.

As a financial services company, having complete control over managed file transfer and job scheduling/workload automation applications is critical for Achmea. This requirement is especially true given the complexity of their ongoing shift toward the cloud.

We saw the need for a single solution that could work with all the platforms in our company and perform file transfer as integrated tasks within a workflow. It also needed to work in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment.

Gerlof Bril, Integration Infra Architect at Achmea

Read This Success Story to Learn How Achmea:

  • Used Universal Automation Center to centralize the management of its on-premises and multi-cloud workload automation environment from a single platform
  • Gained full control of >4 million jobs run monthly, made up of ~30,000 workflows, tasks, and triggers
  • Reduced licensing costs by consolidating multiple legacy automation and file transfer solutions (including SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood and IBM Tivoli) into a single IT orchestration and automation platform
  • Built a solid foundation to take their program into innovative directions inclusive of cluster to container file transfer, data pipeline orchestration, and setting up enhanced self-service for their stakeholders.

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