Product Training How to Perform Infrastructure-as-Code for Self-Service Cloud Provisioning

Watch this detailed product training and learn how Universal Automation Center's infrastructure management solution enables automated self-service cloud deployments.

Learn How to Perform Infrastructure-as-Code for Self-Service Cloud Provisioning

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) enables enterprises to automate the deployment of virtual resources (including virtual machines and cloud storage) using a standard template in JSON, XML, or YAML format. IaC allows you to implement compliant policies and consistent configurations — without the need for IT personnel to lift a finger! 

During this detailed product training, you'll see how to provision resources quickly and efficiently, reduce the risk of mistakes in manual configurations, and improve visibility and control over your provisioning.

This demo will show the automatic creation of a new scheduling environment on AWS Cloud: 

  • Create an EC2 instance in AWS Cloud using Terraform
  • Deploy an application with Ansible
  • Empower end-users to spin up temporary cloud resources on-demand. Great for technology managers, business users, business analysts, developers and more
  • Employ a self-service IT automation model to enable end-users to kick off automation workflows and track them directly from standard business tools like Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow
  • Ensure faster provisioning, improved consistency, increased agility, reduced risk, and more

Demo Length: 14 min