Video & Webcast DataOps Demonstration: Orchestrating Data Pipelines Across Complex IT Environments

Learn how a strategic approach to automating complex data pipeline workloads can help you centralize control, monitoring, and observability across any hybrid IT environment.

DataOps Demonstration: Orchestrating Data Pipelines Across Complex IT Environments

Robust data pipelines enable enterprises to deliver high-quality analytics into production applications. These pipelines must be able to orchestrate data workloads across today’s increasingly distributed multi-cloud environments and hybrid IT ecosystems. They should also be able to automate a wide range of data engineering and governance tasks, ranging from data discovery and ingestion to matching, merging, transformation, cleansing, and beyond. 

Enterprise data pipeline professionals often struggle to deliver the benefits of automated workflow orchestration. Chief challenges include the endless distractions created by never-ending enterprise cloud migrations, the complexity and heterogeneity of enterprise data computing environments, and the temptation to throw quick-fix solutions at pipeline orchestration tasks rather than invest in a strategic end-to-end pipeline automation environment. Join TDWI’s senior research director James Kobielus and Stonebranch experts on this webinar to explore best practices in DataOps to overcome these challenges successfully within a cloud-focused modernization program.

James Kobielus, Senior Research Director, Data Management, TDWI
Scott Davis, Global Vice President, Stonebranch
Bob Lemieux, Director, Solution Engineering, Stonebranch
Huseyin Gomleksizoglu, Senior Solution Engineer, Stonebranch