Data Sheet Central Orchestration with Realtime Automation Management

Realtech and Stonebranch can help you to Analyse, Automate and Integrate enterprise wide realtime automation solution


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Realtime Automation Management from REALTECH and Stonebranch enables the central orchestration and proactive control of your entire IT and business processes. Reduce time, save costs and increase agility of your automation landscape. Improved reliability and performance of your business processes by proactive control of your IT Infrastructure and business applications. Analyze, automate and integrate your current IT processes, applications and workloads and enable the central orchestration of your business processes.

Key Facts and Figures

  • Single solution for the enterprise
  • Straightforward implementation of change and release processes
  • Reliable, transparent, and automated execution
  • Security and compliance
  • Execution of “self-healing” workflow
  • Pure web interface

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