Data Sheet & Tech Brief UAC + REALTECH: Automate and Monitor Business Processes in Real-Time

Centrally automate and monitor real-time business processes with the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center and REALTECH theGuard! software.

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Orchestrate everything from infrastructure and business services to IT applications and services. The Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) and REALTECH's theGuard software stay in constant contact with each other to rapidly launch praoctive, self-healing workflows. These complementary technologies automate all business processes in real-time and immediately improve system reliability and performance. Whether you want to optimize system loads or maximize job quantities — Stonebranch and REALTECH help you acheive your goals.

Solution highlights:

  • Centrally monitor and control all IT and business processes
  • Straightforward implementation of change and release processes
  • Reliable, transparent, and automated process execution
  • Real-time monitoring to rapidly launch proactive, self-healing workflows
  • Pure web interface
  • Safe, secure, and compliant technologies

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