Data Sheet & Tech Brief Automation for Mainframe Modernization

Overcome the automation challenge: schedule mainframe, distributed, and emulated mainframe jobs from one platform — even within the same workflow.

Data Sheet: Automation for Mainframe Modernization

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When planning a mainframe modernization initiative, it's important to prioritize automation. However, many traditional automation tools cannot integrate with cloud platforms, and modern cloud schedulers struggle to connect with on-premises systems.

Universal Automation Center (UAC) is a modern solution that enables the orchestration and automation of workloads across diverse infrastructures and applications. UAC offers comprehensive observability and reporting capabilities, allowing you to assess the impact of your automation initiatives and optimize performance accordingly.

Solution highlights:

  • Automate the process of converting mainframe jobs to the cloud. 
  • integrate migrated mainframe applications with modern technology — simultaneous on-prem and cloud automation.
  • Enable real-time, event-based automation.
  • Orchestrate tasks in any third-party application with limitless integrations.