Stonebranch Cloud Automation Boosts Digital Transformation

End-to-end Automation for heterogeneous cloud landscapes.

Atlanta, GA | May 31, 2018 - a leading provider of modern workload automation solutions, has simplified cloud automation by transforming Universal Automation Center into the ideal solution for automating any type of cloud environment.

Stonebranch cloud automation enables organizations to achieve end-to-end workload automation for their internally and externally hosted heterogeneous environments by utilizing cloud services. Automation remains persistent while workloads are migrated to the cloud. Several Fortune 500 companies have already partnered with Stonebranch in 2018 to power their cloud automation initiatives. These companies include the world’s largest energy provider, a world-renowned manufacturer and a global insurance enterprise.

“It’s vital that modern companies stay on top of their automation landscape and gradually move workloads to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy," says Stonebranch’s VP of Solution Management, Nils Buer. "Universal Automation Center enables organizations to efficiently transform and operate into a digital enterprise without ever missing out on the benefits of automation.”

Universal Automation Center automates a wide variety of cloud environment configurations, including:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation/Cloud Transition
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Containerization / Microservices
  • Workload Automation/Job Scheduling (SaaS)

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About Stonebranch

Stonebranch provides modern automation software solutions that simplify mission-critical IT business processes reliably and securely across complex and diverse IT environments. Our focus is dedicated solely to workload automation technology, enabling us to provide best-in-class solutions combined with an unmatched customer experience.

Stonebranch serves over 350 enterprise-level clients, including many of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions and is a recognized leader by industry analysts among the workload automation and job scheduling landscape.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Stonebranch has offices throughout the world, including Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece, Spain and Sweden. The European head office is in Frankfurt, Germany.