Video & Webcast UFG Success Story Video: United Fire Group on Enabling Self-Service Automation

Learn how UFG uses UAC to centralize IT automation and manage its hybrid IT infrastructure. Get hands-on guidance and insights to boost security, agility, and functionality.

Watch the UFG Success Story Video: United Fire Group on Enabling Self-Service Automation

As United Fire Group (Nasdaq: UFCS) modernized its IT infrastructure, it required a modern automation solution that could support its increasingly complex hybrid IT environment. The Universal Automation Center offered them a centralized solution to reduce complexity and enable self-service automation across the organization. 

In this video demonstration, Michael Ohl, IT Team Lead for the United Fire Group insurance company, highlights several key ways his team uses the Universal Controller's (UC) member services feature. He discusses why UFG uses member services to simplify self-service automation for end-users throughout the business. He also describes how to apply specific security parameters that enable productivity and prevent misuse — within the UC and across multiple environments, including production, test/QA, development, and more.

Topics covered include:

  • Why UFG selected the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center
  • UFG's business challenges, drivers, and requirements for IT automation
  • How UFG uses member services for organization and simplicity
  • Automation security best practices
  • A live demonstration of a security-minded UC setup

Duration: 24 min

After watching this video, you'll better understand how IT automation can help boost security, agility, and functionality in complex hybrid IT environments.