Data Sheet & Tech Brief Performance Benchmarks for High-Volume Automation

Stonebranch and Dell: high performing and horizontally scalable

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Stonebranch has partnered with Dell to demonstrate Universal Automation Center’s performance benchmarks with SAP HANA on Dell PowerEdge servers. This evaluation demonstrates Stonebranch's ability to deliver high-performance automation and orchestration, and provides a general guideline when sizing the UAC solution. 

Key results of the benchmark tests:

  • 7.9 million SAP function module calls per day with a single OMS server
  • 4.6 million ABAP jobs per day (read and write)
  • 9.4 million Linux tasks per day using a single OMS server
  • 15.9 million Linux tasks per day using two OMS servers on a SSD
  • 23.0 million Linux tasks per day using three OMS servers on a shared SSD
  • 0% degradation in SAP HANA performance, remaining fully stable
  • 7x improvement in UAC performance
  • Horizontally scalable by adding additional OMS servers

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