Product Training How to Integrate with Informatica Cloud

Watch this detailed product training to learn how to easily integrate and automate Informatica Cloud tasks into your scheduling workflows using Universal Automation Center.

Learn how to Integrate UAC with Informatica
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The Universal Task for Informatica allows you to start a data integration task in Informatica Cloud using the latest Informatica REST API version 3. The Universal Task for Informatica supports the automatic retrieval of activities, sessions, and error logs available from the Universal Controller Web UI in the same way as from the Informatica monitoring console. The Universal Task supports the following task types for data integration:

  • Masking Tasks
  • Replication Tasks
  • Synchronization Tasks
  • Mapping Tasks
  • Power Center Tasks
  • Linear Task Flows

During this detailed product training, you will see a use case for a sales campaign in action as you step through UAC's Informatica Cloud capabilities. Learn how to integrate Informatica tasks in any scheduling workflow.

Key points covered in the demo include:

  • Load all applicable customers for the campaign into a database
  • Select relevant campaign customers from the database 
  • Inform the sales reps via email about the customers to be called
  • Finally, clean up of the database

Demo Length: 6 min

Note: Additional information about all available Universal Task capabilities for Informatica can be found on the Stonebranch Integration Hub.