Video & Webcast Success Story: How ING Empowers End-Users with Self-Service Automation

See how ING puts the right people, processes, and platforms in place to deliver self-service automation to end users.

Success Story: How ING Empowers End-Users with Self-Service Automation

Join ING's Patryk Urbańczyk, Principal Product Owner, and Mariusz Dybowski, Senior DevOps Expert, as they share their strategy to provide self-service automation to over 500 internal ING groups, representing 1000s of end-users across the global business. They'll share their recommendations to:

  • Automate the UAC onboarding process for all stakeholders
  • Use UAC’s Business Services to apply access controls and security
  • Enable developers with an option to automate via UAC’s workflow designer or to create jobs-as-code using a mix of UAC, Visual Studio, Azure, and Git repositories
  • Find the right cadence and depth of detail to train new end-users
  • Integrate UAC with tools like ServiceNow, Ansible, VMware, and many more

This self-service automation success story offers inspiration for business and technical audiences, especially those in IT Ops.

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